We Belong (A Dark Night Anniversary)

“Love is a Battlefield”

Pat Benatar

Today marks the first anniversary of A Dark Night – the 3-part epic passion montage featuring Black Swan, Batman, Bond, Romeo + Juliet, The Rock, and Apocalypse Now, among others.Two years of love went into production. It’s the first EF montage to have a title sequence, and just the second to have closing credits🎉

To commemorate here are a couple songs from Pat Benatar, who’s line, “Love is a Battlefield” I borrowed for the tagline of the film. Pat was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame this past November with her virtuoso guitarist and one true love, Neil Giraldo. I admire them. “Heartbreaker” was their first big hit in 1979, and “We Belong” is from 1984.

Thank you for making the premiere last year such a success. And for your encouragement throughout the long production. I was very humbled, and grateful✌️



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