Halloween Montage 2020 🎃 (Teaser & Release Date)

My Friends… It is finally October. And that means I have a very important announcement… After many many days, and sleepless nights of labor, My monster is nearly complete! And in a few weeks time you will get to meet him😈 (October 23rd).

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A Dark Night 😵/4

“Nobody panics when things go “according to plan”. Even if the plan is horrifying!” -The Joker

Remember when I said Act 1 was going to be the hardest??? (Cues maniacal Joker laughter)… (More laughter)…

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Upcoming EF Project!

“In order to pull this off I know I’m going to need your help.”

Hello, friends. I hope you are staying healthy during this trying time. Nourishing your creativity, and your relationships. I know it’s not easy!

I wanted to share with you some exciting news. I have begun work on a new montage project. And it is undoubtedly my most ambitious project yet. It will probably take me many more weeks, or even months to complete.

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