The Sound of Silence (A Music Video)

Feat. The music of Chromatics 

“Hello Darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.”

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Let’s talk about Joker — ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES

Sean and I both saw Joker at TIFF last month, at back to back screenings. We met up for lunch afterward (I believe we had a slight pause before seeing the Harriet Tubman movie) because boy did I have thoughts, comments, and questions, which I tried not to yell too loudly because: spoilers. Joaquin Phoenix […]

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EFC Presents – A Cold Summer

Feat The music of Le Matos & Computer Magic (In a special EFC Music Video!)

“Will you look into the mirror?”

Synopsis: Galadriel’s mirror offers a glimpse of destiny. But be ware, you may not like what you see. These bitter movie heroes can attest. Their Cold realities collide in this chilling fantasy / horror montage set to the beat of Le Matos & Computer Magic’s 2018 single, “Cold Summer.” (Watch in 1080p!)

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