Elvis (2022)

This is not Elvis. This is Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, and you need to know this going in. The director’s films are frenetic to the extreme. Full of hyper-stylized montages, jump cuts and crash zooms in the spirit of New Wave MTV.

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Up North Maybe

Don’t rush to pack your suitcase, it’s not exactly the romantic vacation spot. But Hamilton Ohio is, quaint. A small river town close to Miami University, revered for its drinking water? Idk🤷🏽 I needed a getaway.

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Stranger Things Episode 4.1 (New Season)

That’s why we play!”

Stranger Things is cool now, and if you wanna be part of the club you gotta be able to stomach the horror. Which is why The Duffer Bros’ open their 270 million dollar new season with a harrowing 8 minute sequence that had to be prefaced with a trigger warning. It’s a rite of passage. As if to say, make it through this bloody trial and be rewarded with the finest hour of the show to date.

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