The Memo (Part 1) – Honesty

“Hell no my name ain’t Bradley.”

Anthony Kiedis

Honesty is dangerous. But since, for the time being, I have decided to abandon my “Plan A” career, I’ll give it a go. If employers aren’t reading resumes, they’re def not reading blogs, right? (And if I change my mind I can always delete this😉).

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We Belong (A Dark Night Anniversary)

“Love is a Battlefield”

Pat Benatar

Today marks the first anniversary of A Dark Night – the 3-part epic passion montage featuring Black Swan, Batman, Bond, Romeo + Juliet, The Rock, and Apocalypse Now, among others.Two years of love went into production. It’s the first EF montage to have a title sequence, and just the second to have closing credits🎉

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Stranger Things Episode 4.1 (New Season)

That’s why we play!”

Stranger Things is cool now, and if you wanna be part of the club you gotta be able to stomach the horror. Which is why The Duffer Bros’ open their 270 million dollar new season with a harrowing 8 minute sequence that had to be prefaced with a trigger warning. It’s a rite of passage. As if to say, make it through this bloody trial and be rewarded with the finest hour of the show to date.

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