A Dark Night (*has arrived*)

“Love is a battlefield.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, After two years✌️ in production, I am proud to finally offer you(🥁)…. A Dark Night!

If you choose to invest your generous time in watching, here are the two things I can promise you – 100% effort put it. And second… you have never seen a movie like this before😅 Beyond that anything goes. I just don’t know what they’ll think, honestly… (scratches chin🤔).

Here’s what you’re in for… (Insanity)

Part 1 is Heavy🧑🏼‍🏭- a mental workout. Dark, quick, logical. Much exposition and preparing the scene. (Skip if you’re not in the mood). (Edit 2/22: People seem to be liking Part 1. So maybe don’t skip).

Part 2 is Sexy🧞‍♀️ – a more pleasurable, straightforward viewing experience, which can be enjoyed without having seen part 1, or understanding any of the earlier plot points. (But if you like what you see, definitely go back and start with part 1)

Part 3 is Triumphant – a placid, philosophical opening, reaching a crescendo, before settling in the cool waters of San Francisco Bay.

How to watch this – Not on your tv, actually. (Edit 2/22: I’m being told TV works fine, especially if you can “cast” it to your smart tv.) Otherwise, laptop, phone, or tablet is how I intended you to watch. As far as story – One idea is see how many similarities you can notice between the movies, and play detective by trying to piece together this mysterious romantic thriller story happening underneath it all. But another idea is to just relax and let the images and music wash over you without thinking about it too deeply. That’s honestly what I wanted here. I went for both styles at once, and I think certain parts of the movie cater to each side. Call it Logic vs. Emotion, perhaps. Ok, enough about that.

You’re all set. Without further adieu!!🎩 Here. We. Go!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

A Dark Night

Tagline: Love is a battlefield.

Genres: Drama, Psychological Thriller, Romance, Action, Thematic Montage

Rated: R (For violence, language, sexuality, and drug use)

Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes (Divided into 3 Parts)

Plot Summary: Five stories, one psychological civil war. Batman confronts Joker. A white swan learns to dance the black. American soldiers embark on secret missions to assassinate rogue officers. A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life. Experience five classic films, as well as others, from a whole new blended perspective. Cleverly re-cut in high definition, and synced faithfully to a robust soundtrack of more than 30 music tracks. A Dark Night is Shakespearean Drama at its finest hour. “Was ever book containing such vile matter so fairly bound? O, that deceit should dwell in such a gorgeous palace!”

Thank YOU!!!🎉 ………..I would not have done this, could not have done this without your generous support and encouragement along the way. Your likes and comments have been most welcome (And would be most welcome here!) My long-time readers may appreciate that I began this Dark Night project BEFORE I began making Screaming of The Lambs. If that feels like forever ago to you, well then that makes two of us!😄 Haha. Cheers, my friend! To many more great years here at WordPress (I hope!)🍻🙌

-Experience Film

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  1. I’ve watched about half of part one before bed (I had to have a taste even being tired) and I have to say this is done quality work. I could see right away where the time went working on this. The editing is almost flawless, meaning perfect for someone who hasn’t had any or much job experience. I feel you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a job with this in your showreel.

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  2. Wow! Finished part one and it’s not only impressive but really entertaining. It was great with my beats headphones!! I can’t say I followed a storyline but watched from bed after 2am so maybe not able to see storylines in anything at this point. Haha. Quality work for sure and I’ll be back for parts 2 and 3 later. 🎥😎😎🙏🏼

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    1. The “Road To Happiness” starts with this comment🙏🏼 —— I am SO relieved you found it entertaining (and not simply maddening🤪) I know it’s a lot. And also, just to get a female set of eyes on this is important, and a creative’s no less is a huge honor🤩

      P.S. you watched as I intended – with headphones🎧👏🏻 although Sorry it wasn’t more relaxing for late night☺️

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      1. Believe it or not it was relaxing! Not sleep meditation relaxing, but it definitely wasn’t maddening to me. The fact that I’ve never really seen any of those movies might play into that? I don’t know… but I truly enjoyed it. ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Hi EF, what a ride already! I have just watched Part 1 and am seriously impressed with your editing. I will be honest and say due to my personal psychological upbringing I struggle sometimes to pick out or follow peoples’ “emotional” subtexts etc in movies or real life. However I found myself pondering about the light and dark within all of us…especially when I saw Two Face laid on the hospital bed and realised that everyone has that psychological split of good/bad, light/dark – and it just depends on circumstances as to how far anyone leans one way or another…which influences what actions we will take.
    I’ll watch parts 2 & 3 as soon as I can and let you know my thoughts – enjoyed it so far!

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    1. I’m just so grateful, FT🙏🏼 Understanding “emotional subtext” is my highest priority actually! It’s why I majored in psychology and it’s why i started this blog. Believe it or not. It brings me joy to try and show people some psychological aspect of a movie or a character they did not fully understand before. I’m a psychologist using movies to communicate my understanding of human behavior. And it’s always Work in Progress.

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      1. I studied Media Studies at college and stuff like Textural Analysis, Ideology and Codes and Conventions I could do no problem…it was just the psychology part that I found difficult. I had a secluded upbringing due to the behaviour of my parents so I didn’t interact with many people as a kid so developed slowly. I’m getting better now though.

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      2. That makes sense. I would love to take those classes.

        The same year I started this blog (2016) I discovered the Pixar movie “Inside Out” which is all about how 5 emotions control our behavior. It was a revelation for me, FT. Pure revelation. From that point forward I started watching movies through an “Inside Out perspective” I couldn’t help it. I would write reviews, at the end of which I would give movies an Inside Out score – Analyzing which of the 5 emotions each movie and character utilized most frequently. Today I am a firm believer in this psychological system, as a simpler but very powerful means of analyzing films and real life human behavior. I use it to understand cinematic language, and to make my movies.


      3. I’m sorry for rambling but I feel compelled to say something else here. (Your first comment is greatly appreciated, and is one I’ve been expecting to come from somebody here for a very long. But it’s the first!🙌) Being About “emotional subtext.” … What I want to add here is – I realize that I’m not exactly making the subtext CLEAR with these videos. In fact, I’m deliberately making it vague in a lot of instances. So I genuinely hope that is not annoying or painfully confusing. I hope that for every part that confuses, there’s one part that either illuminates something new about people in your own mind. That, Or confirms one of your expectations, beliefs about people. If that makes sense.


  4. I finished part 3 tonight! Like I said before, I’m really impressed. That was a completely unique experience for me and so enjoyable. FYI I’m taking a screenplay writing class at the moment. I just thought I’d mention that because I may need someone who does what you do when I write my first movie 🧐😇😈. Thanks for sharing your talent!! Until later… peace.

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    1. I beelieve you are the first person to make it all the way through. So, here are 100 Gold Star Stickers for you⭐️ And a trophy for most awesome reader ever!🏆🎉🙌

      I’d love to talk more screenwriting. I took my class recently. Took it twice actually bc I failed the first time😄. Are you enjoying it? Learning anything interesting?

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      1. Thank you, thank you (accepts trophy). I am definitely enjoying it, but I’m only in week 2. Yes, I’ve already learned some things because I went in knowing zip about it. I’m not even a big movie watcher so it’s new and interesting. We just learned about the 3 acts and what the act breaks look like and when in the film they occur. News to me! We’ll see how I do as it progresses. Glad you passed the second time!! 🤐😬😆

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  5. Congratulations my Man!
    Watched part one so far – Dug it! Guess I’m just in-line with this concept as I followed the storyline as it built, actually felt the movement as if the characters WERE acting in consort. Very good – excellent editing – and timed perfectly with the soundtrack.
    A lot of emotion goin’ on and it all ties together.
    And that psychedelic piece toward the end – groovy!
    Looking forward to part two!
    I apprecite the dedicated painstaking effort – You deserve to be proud.

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    1. It’s an honor to have you here, 00. I am overjoyed that you dug it, and understood the parallel style. YOUR style has made an impression on me. The experiences you chronicle on your site, and personal stories you share are spiritual Rocket Fuel, man. Many thanks for stopping and for the kind words🤘😎

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  6. I watched all three two nights ago, FINALLY! 😁
    And the first one is my favourite – surprising for me considering it’s the darkest. I like the way your great editing skills really stand out, plus your use of colour and light. Well done after all the crazy long hours. I hope it all feels worth it. It should! 🥳

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  7. I many like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. A soon.


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