My Hometown Bengals!

Now is the best time to tell you where I’m from, and that’s Cincinnati, Ohio, USA! Because my hometown football team (americana🏈) is playing in The Super Bowl! The World Championship game. This Sunday (Feb. 13, 2022) And no team or town is more deserving of the opportunity.

The Cincinnati Bengals have not won a single playoff game since 1990. This year they have won 3. THREE! And each victory has been more thrilling than the next.

The greatest sub-plot within this incredible story of the Bengals is their quarterback, Joe Burrow. In his 1st season (rookie season) last year he suffered a horrific knee injury that for some players would be career-ending. Miraculously, he has made a full recovery. In fact, if anything, the injury has only made him a BETTER player. His stats and victories this season prove it.

It’s a Doctor Strange type of recovery story. He must have spent time with a mystical guru! I can’t imagine how else he could have pulled it off.

Do you like American Football? Who’s your favorite sports team or players?


Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) hands off to running back Joe Mixon (28) during the first half of an NFL exhibition football game in Cincinnati, Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021. (AP Photo/Aaron Doster)

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  1. Oh you had to mention Football! Er yes I kinda like American Football and try to watch as much as I can. It started way back when the Bears visited London and Dallas were their opponents – the ’86 American Bowl at Wembley Stadium. Most Brits decided on supporting the Bears as they were the champions but I went with the ‘Boys. I used to play a little too, I was a Wide Receiver for recess time games with my mates. But the Bengals?…Ok you might like this then….

    Cincinnati Bengals Lightaber (For Tyeth’s Sports Series)

    And for all my other NFL hilts including some head-to-head Superbowl Sabers….

    I’ll leave you with a fun trivia fact, in the 80’s a famous Welsh comedian/singer and Rugby fan named Max Boyce, travelled to the US to film a BBC Tv documentary where he took part in the Cowboy’s Pre-Season training. He completed the training and played as a Kicker. He was even named on the roster for an official game but didn’t get onto the field of play (luckily the ‘Boys played the game in such a way they didn’t need to rely on a 4th down punt!).

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    1. 😂Me too! But it’s true. Steven Spielberg is from Cincinnati! Also Doris Day, Tyrone Power. lots of musicians from Ohio, astronauts and U.S. presidents too. Idk 🤷🏽 I guess there’s something in the water😊

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      1. That too, actually🤣 Even Bengals’ QB – Joe Burrow (who’s also a native) said to the press, not to fear the team getting COVID because they never go out because there’s nothing to do at night haha

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  2. it’s like a fairy tale; I don’t watch it though I’m aware of it but I have friends here in Oz, Aussies like myself, who are FANATICAL about it and watch it live on Fox Sports; I know it’s a big day so I hope your team can pull off the dream 🙂

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