ThumbNails For A Dark Night

Here are the video thumbnails (covers) for A Dark Night. Out This Friday🤗

Graphic design is not my speciality. But this project has actually forced me to learn a lot. Throughout I’ve been experimenting with different font styles and visual effects. Still nothing too fancy here. For these I used Adobe After Effects, and applied the “cartoon” stylize effect sparingly. Some layering, superimposing, coloring additionally.

Do you have experience with graphic design, visual effects, artwork?


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    1. Yes I subscribe to the whole Creative Cloud suite. I never learned photoshop😫 But I learned After Effects in Film School, which is designed primarily for Video – visual effects and titles, primarily. But I have been able to use it to edit still photos. Because I feel much more comfortable in AA than in photoshop.

      What software do you use for your artwork?

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      1. I use illustrator and photoshop. I’ve also used indesign but I try to stay out of that one. I still need to take a class called motion and I think they might use after effects. I have been procrastinating because it’s a 8am class haha. Well you did a great job! I have thought about blogging tips on Photoshop but never sure who even uses it. Maybe this summer I’ll add a few.


      2. That particular one is for certification in graphic design. I only have 3 classes left but with COVID and everything else it’s been slow moving. I am glad to hear you’d like the tips, I will see what I can do for sure!

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  1. Nice looking images! I need you to call my publisher, lol. (I’m pushing for a cover redesign and they’re sort of balking a little)


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