My Good Writing

My good writing only happens between the hours of 3 and 6 am… Which is why I don’t write much. The conditions have to be just right, you know. In my case, the sobriety needle must rest precisely between “HAMMERED” and “HUNGOVER DON’T OR I’ll THROW A SHOE AT YOU”.

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“Barad-Dûr Saber – version 2” – A reworked classic for post no.666!

Re-blogging this fantastic post from my friend here, For Tyeth at (FTSabersite). Particularly For fans of Star Wars, LOTR, New Zealand. FT is a real life Jedi (check out his Cosplay) and Visual Effects Wizard. He specializes in making custom Lightsabers, both real, but mainly computer graphic artistic renders using Blender 3D modeling software (Current). They are exquisite. For a very special 666th post, FT revamped an old saber design inspired by the LOTR “Barad-Dur” Dark Tower, complete with a Lava Krystal chamber, instead of traditional Kyber. And get this, he also just visited New Zealand (all the way from The UK) which is, of course, where Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy was filmed. Perfect timing. Check it out!


Hello Everybody and welcome to a big milestone post! I recently reposted an old Lord of the Rings inspired saber design named “Barad-Dûr Saber” having been reminded of it by my trip down under to New Zealand the sort of spiritual home of Middle Earth. I was some fantastic scenery, some of which featured in the Peter Jackson movies (Mount Ruapeha for example). Having visited the WETA Workshops’ studios where a lot of on screen props, costumes and visual effects etc were created I felt my old design needed a revamp and this seemed a good time as any. I went back into Blender 3D and took the original model I had and took all the decorations off and reworked the hilt. It was forged in fire, brimstone and lots of lava….this is the return of “Barad-Dûr Saber – V2”….

I removed the previous texture from the hilt and applied…

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Life is too hard, man. Forget marriage, kids (sorry, Grandpa), owning a house; I’m just trying to keep a roof over my head. Have lost 37 pounds in a year being flat-ironed across the pavement by America Incorporated. I stare at my ribs in the mirror like The Machinist. Starting to glitch out.

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