A Dark Night (Reflection)

2 weeks since the release. The dust now settled, enough to begin to assess the damage.

…As only the movie itself can communicate, unsurprisingly, the cost was severe… (sighs)… (refrigerator hums from the other room, touching the sound of silence…)

So… there are just a couple things I’d like to say right now. None moreso than Thank You.

I am truly humbled that anybody took the time to watch this. But I am very glad you did. It sounds like people are really enjoying it too, which is wonderful. Including my family and in-person friends.

This is 100% a personal best for EF, and may even set the artistic standard here for a long time to come. Obviously, I defer most of the credit to the original filmmakers. To the beautiful and amazing woman who inspired this (empties champagne glass into my face). To my friends and family who also inspired it. And to you (assumes De Niro eyebrows, gestures) “You” – as even the smallest conversation we have always factors into these movies somehow or another. I hope you are able to see yourself in these characters. Your influence.

I believe that, in between all the mashups and emotional subtextual vagueries, this movie says exactly what it needs to. Nothing more. Nothing less. That light and dark need each other (but are always at war). That we create our own enemies (Or are our own worst enemy). That wounds can lead to bitterness, or greater empathy and compassion if we find the strength to open our hearts again. That a necessary part of maturing is learning how to see beyond our own selfish ego, and realizing the immense power we already have, and how our actions inspire other people, for better or worse. Appreciating that other people’s needs are sometimes greater than our own.

I’m talking like I know all this. But I’m only just beginning to understand.

-Experience Film

13 thoughts on “A Dark Night (Reflection)

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  1. (Applauding)! Very well said. You have some real talent, and the ability to entertain and convey wisdom at the same time. I can only imagine how much blood, sweat and tears went into your project. I’ve made 10 second gifs that made me cry 😢 🤣. Keep it up. 😎🙏🏼❤️

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    1. (Closes eyes) Listening… oh it’s a mess in there, Catxman. Mickey Mouse is mocking me – “Ha-aha-ahaha” … Empire Palpatine commanding, “Dark side of the Force” in his abrasive Lisp And… Eww Irena Cara, Oh what a feeling! 🤷🏽 God??? (Nope, Madonna) And… Silence (heavenly ringing) enjoyed for a few seconds before Depexhe Mode hijacks the inner spotlight. I’m not complaining.


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