Elizabethtown (2005)

“This is for you. Your favorite song. On a Saturday night.”

Cameron Crowe movies are about music, and moments. Like the moment Susan Sarandon takes the stage to honor her late husband at his funeral.

Sporting a blazer and black bell-bottoms the California girl proceeds to tell her husband’s Kentucky orthodox family how well she is doing without her spouse, drawing chilly eyes from the room.

“I always wanted to learn how to tap dance” She explains. “And how to be funny… So (now that he’s gone) I enrolled in a comedy class.”

Silence. Heads bow and shake. A man scratches his chin. Another clears his throat.

She stands her ground, demonstrating her newfound abilities by telling a good story. One that gets laughs from almost everybody. She follows this victory up with some kind loving words about her husband. The room is all smiles and tears now. (She is winning these people over for the first time in their lives). And then???

She dances.

The lights dim, the spotlight encompasses her. And she dances, to her husband’s favorite song, “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Her imprecise tap steps are the mark of a person who is learning. Imperfect, but confident.

Mancini and Mercer’s C harmonica fades into a slow ethereal atmosphere of electric guitar swells from Heart’s Nancy Wilson, and middle piano notes that rise ever so delicately. The fledgling spreads her wings now (She’s nailing it). Spinning around in circles like a freewheelin’ wonder woman, as the crowd rises to their feet in silent applause.

Have a beautiful Saturday

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