The Memo (Part 1) – Honesty

“Hell no my name ain’t Bradley.”

Anthony Kiedis

Honesty is dangerous. But since, for the time being, I have decided to abandon my “Plan A” career, I’ll give it a go. If employers aren’t reading resumes, they’re def not reading blogs, right? (And if I change my mind I can always delete this😉).

At 32 I feel like I am finally starting to be open and honest. And finally starting to connect with my friends and family as a result. That’s not a choice, btw. It’s a luxury. A biologically-dependent affordance. An actualized ability to articulate. Articulation isn’t easy, especially for someone suffering from autism, ADD, depression. I really try to avoid labels (Because they ignore the root cause, for one), but for communication purposes… you get the picture. Dang, bi-polar’s sexier^ (snaps fingers).

Honesty is dangerous. Try it too soon and you’ll scare people away. I’m a cautious introverted guppie, which is why I’ve waited 32 years with everyone else. I waited just 4 years to tell my ex I loved her. Too soon. She swam away😏

Once upon a time I was training to become a psychologist. My favorite school of thought is humanist / existential. Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, self-actualization. Carl Rogers’ depiction of the “Fully functioning person.” Ring a bell? (No, not Pavlov’s dogs, that’s behaviorism). What I mean is, have you heard of the humanists?

To be continued…

Wow that was the easiest post I’ve ever written.



6 thoughts on “The Memo (Part 1) – Honesty

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  1. I love this honest outpour, friend. 👏🏼👏🏼 If we could all live so free. Maslow is king in my world. I know for a fact a student can’t focus on learning about commas when they are hungry, feel unsafe, etc. They should print this sorta wisdom on the teacher orientation papers. 32. Wow. You’re only 1/4 a gallon old. So many more mistakes to make. It will fun to watch. 🍿😎

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    1. Exactly! You’re an English teacher right? Or counselor? Your poetry slaps btw👍
      Oh Yeahh You’ll have a front row seat🍿😎 <— ( Psst I almost subbed in a skull instead, and thought Man that really took a dark turn🤣)


  2. Hi mate! It’s always nice to be honest, especially with yourself, although being honest with others will need an extraordinary moment: not too soon and not too late! 😉 Anyway, as I once said, you are on the right path, your own.🖖

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