EF 8.1 – Everything Everywhere All At Once

(With insolent laughter) “Cuz you see, when you really put everything on a bagel it becomes this. The truth.”

Jobu Tupaki (Joy)

Feat. The music of Son Lux, Mitski & David Byrne

It’s The Greatest Movie Of All Time. No debate. Guys, this movie is the singularity of the black hole mirror swallowing our society. We’ve reached it. We’re there.

11 academy award nominations. I only just started it 2 days ago, even though it’s been out for almost a year. Why? Because I’ve been freaking living it, dude. Haven’t you? Fighting Jobu Tupaki through the multiverse tooth and nail this entire time…. All of 2022, Gone. Swallowed into a bagel of everything. What’s the bagel? (offers hand).

Come one, come all. Behold! (Hoists iphone generation one-hundred-seventy three-SE-Z-point-9 Alphaverse Omega theta capa fi delta, into the air) Look straight into this perfect instrument of bliss. The quintessence of human ingenuity. Here you have it – every song, every movie… (SKIP to the next paragraph) … every game, every painting, every poem, every idea, every question, every answer.. Photos and videos of your perfect friend, perfect partner, perfect family, perfect career, perfect vacations, any food or toy your heart desires delivered straight to your front door. 4k camera. The time, the weather, fortune teller, horoscope reader, match maker, wedding planner, note-taker, voice-recorder, calculator, compass, level, word processor, meditator, painter, bird identifier, heart rate monitor, step counter, yoga master, personal trainer, stock trader, bet hedger, recording studio. MIDI interface, fingerprint scanner, document filer, face identifier, GPS tracker, (Gasps)…

Need I go on? STILL… not satisfied. Say it with me loud and clear so everybody can hear you, “I am an ungrateful, insolent little shit. And nobody in this universe can save me from myself.” I am distracted by everything, every moment of every day, from the only thing in life that matters. Singular.

“Jobu Tupaki”- She is you. She is me. She IS, Everything, Everywhere, All At Once🍩😱🧑🏼‍🎤🔪


If you have no idea what I’m talking about then I recommend you start here with this video. And devote the remainder of your life to learning how to meditate. You know that’s what I’ll be doing.

Everything Everywhere All At once (2022)

Release Date: March 11, 2022 (United States)
Rated: R

Director: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
Writer: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
Starring: Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Su, James Hong, and Jamie Lee Curtis

The Inside Out: (Broken)


11 thoughts on “EF 8.1 – Everything Everywhere All At Once

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  1. Hi EF, I too have yet to see this movie or try out earthly meditations (though I have done a bit of Jedi Meditation). However I have been to a Zen themed pizza parlour….I went in once and ordered a 12in sized pizza and they asked which topping I wanted to which I replied, “Make me one with everything”…..does that count as a form of meditation?

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    1. Yes that would’ve been a brilliant way to do it. It’s been so long since I reviewed an actual movie😄 Strangely.

      Btw, will you teach me Kung-Fu? I will be visiting your site soon, especially the ones about Martial Arts


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  2. Excellent! Thank you, bro, for this post. I didn’t know that David Lynch wasn’t only a great filmmaker but also a great psycho-philosopher. 😉👍
    It reminded me of a quote from Dr Jung:
    The transcendent function is not something one does oneself; it comes rather from experiencing the conflict of opposites.


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