Soundtrack For A Dark Night

“It’s dark but just a game.”

-Lana Del Rey

Here are the ‘Pop’ Tracks from A Dark Night, premiering 2/14/22 (less than 2 weeks away:)

In addition to popular music, the montage features musical scores from each of the films. Composers include Hanz Zimmer, John Barry, James Newton Howard, and TCHAIKOVSKY Op.20 – Swan Lake. Re-scored by CLINT MANSELL).

  1. LANA DEL REY – “Dark But Just A Game”
  2. THE MIDNIGHT – “Endless Summer”
  3. KYM MAZELL – Young Hearts Run Free (by DAVID CRAWFORD) (From Romeo + Juliet)
  4. QUINDON TARVER – “When Doves Cry” (by PRINCE) (from Romeo + Juliet)
  5. OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN – “Twist of Fate”
  6. THE EAGLES – “One of These Nights” (Live from Melbourne)
  7. HANZ ZIMMER – “Matera” (From No Time To Die)
  9. HANZ ZIMMER ORCHESTRA – “Like A Dog Chasing Cars” (Live from Prague) (From A Dark Knight)
  10. ABBA – “Nina Pretty Ballerina”
  11. METRIC – “No Light On The Horizon”

Lana Del Rey sings the title sequence, which begins about 5 1/2 minutes into the montage, “Dark But Just A Game” from Lana’s 2021 album, Chemtrails Over The Country Club. The song plays eerily over a tranquil beach scene from Alex Garland’s film, Annihilation (2018). Natalie Portman marches along a remote beach, rifle in hand. She approaches an abandoned lighthouse, and in front of the structure are no less than a dozen human skulls.

Which of these artists / songs are you familiar with? What are some of your favorite movie soundtracks?


16 thoughts on “Soundtrack For A Dark Night

Add yours

  1. Excellent selection.
    I know Twist of Faith, One of These Nights, Matera, No Time to Die, Young Hearts Run Free, When Doves Cry, ABBA (all the songs), The Dark Knight Medley.

    Some of my favorites:
    – Carmina Burana from 2001: A Space Odyssey
    – Braveheart OST
    – Dances With Wolves OST
    – Star Wars original trilogy OST
    – Indiana Jones trilogy
    – Empire of the Sun
    – E.T.
    – Jurassic Park
    – Jaws
    – Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    – Chariots of Fire
    – Last of the Mohicans
    – Lord of the Rings trilogy
    – Titanic
    – The Big Blue (Eric Serra)
    – Dollars Trilogy (Sergio Leone)

    Basically most from John Williams, James Horner and Hans Zimmer πŸ˜€

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    1. Twin Peaks music is so Hypnotic. By Angelo Bandalamenti. I watched a great interview with David Lynch and Angelo about their process of writing the Twin Peaks music. Lynch closes his eyes and speaks his inner vision, “Laura Palmer is lost in the woods. And there’s an owl…” And Angelo builds the music around the story at his piano.

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      1. Sounds interesting. I have not gone into the background of that. Was before Google. πŸ™‚
        But that reminds me the press pics of the cast of the show were one of the first GIFs I was downloading from the BBS. It took about 1h for a single file! πŸ˜€

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