Hell Week

I’m sure you’ve experienced this? Either in school, profession, family, hobby. In film school, “Hell Week” refers to the final week of each semester, when even the atheists pray to God to save their movie. It’s never finished.

It’s been hell week at Experience Film for 16 weeks straight. 1 ☝️ more to go. I eat every meal in front of my laptop. Or in my car while I’m delivering in order to pay the rent.

I have been seeing friends and family. Each visit is a bit surreal, as I have to stifle the creative freight trains running wild inside my head. In order to converse with my loved ones.

I look like shit. A greasy joker. Wearing the same shirts since last week. My landlord did a short-notice inspection yesterday (Ha-ha-ho-he). I don’t even have time to imagine her notes. My Christmas Tree is still up for god’s sake. Lights strewn around like Joyce Byers’ living room. 1 more week☝️.

If you have any doubts as to where this movie came from, lemme assure you – A.I. (Authentic Insanity).

Still I have a chance to come out of clean on the other side, like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank.

I have found redemption through this project, which has made the 2 years of time and effort seem, not only worth it, but necessary. In one week I will let my baby go forth and suffer its fate, which shall now rest in your hands🤲🏼

Trailer for A Dark Night (Out next Friday, 2/11/22😱

2nd trailer (Link Only): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhdeztYRpWg

2nd Trailer (Vimeo Link): https://vimeo.com/665688819

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      1. The clean up is always arduous but the results so strikingly pleasant! I wish you the very best on the new opportunities this year 🙂
        And thank you again for your wonderful comment on my post 😀

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