WordPress Upgrade Available

Good news, hopefully🤞. WordPress 5.9 is live as of 1/25/22. And, according to this article from techradar: https://www.techradar.com/news/major-wordpress-update-makes-amateurs-look-like-master-web-developers the update will give us more customization options for our sites.

Specifically, the new theme called “Twenty Twenty-Two” features more color schemes, font combinations, and page templates to choose from. This is merely the first stage in a multi-year initiative code-named, “The Gutenberg Project” that will see further WordPress upgrades.

A word of caution – the article also says WordPress is doubling down on these BLOCKS😱 I know I’m not the only one who’s had a few🤬 things to say about the block heads ever since their wordpress inception a couple years ago.

Prior to blocks, I felt I had more freedom in how I presented my content. Now I feel boxed in (pun intended) and less creative. But maybe I haven’t given them enough practice yet. And maybe WordPress will continue to improve the boxes. I try to keep an open mind.

I’m looking forward to experimenting / customizing my site further. I really hope WordPress continues to offer upgrades and as much customization as possible to creators. Have you tried out the new WordPress yet? What kinds of upgrades would you most like to see WordPress implement?


8 thoughts on “WordPress Upgrade Available

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      1. I was surprised when I first spotted them. I was like, ‘What have they done to my WordPress?’ Then I saw that I couldn’t find my board with all the symbols on it — the accents, the unusual shapes — all were gone.


  1. I agree. Some sample blocks look really cool and I’ve tried them and they did nothing like the sample. I kinda gave up awhile ago because even if it works on a browser it looks the same as every other one on a smartphone. We’ll see how this one goes, I may try to play a little.

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    1. Right! Even if you get it to look good on your laptop, it looks generic on smartphone readers. I hate how Reader homogenizes style and formatting. And that only a small portion of reads go all the way to your actual website that you work so hard to make look good. I wish they’d find a fix for this.

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