A Dark Night Rough Cut Series: Part 1/4 (Overture)

“The truth is, when I look at you all I see is the White Swan.”

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Hello friends,

I recently announced I am working on a new thematic montage involving 5 movies, and centered around the theme of Darkness and light.

I have a rough cut of the first 2 minutes that I am ready to share with you. Bear in mind, I know it has some issues. But I want to start getting your input so I can make corrections to this segment, and to the the following segments of the film as I edit them.

If you have time to watch, let me know what’s working for you, and what’s not. Which parts bother you or confuse you? Do you notice any edits or sound points that are bad? And also, can you make any predictions about where the story lines are headed. There are essentially 5 plots occurring simultaneously, and by the end I hope to weave them all together seamlessly. Where do you think the stories are headed, just based off the initial information provided here.

Thanks for reading / watching. And please comment if anything comes to mind! Stay safe, and hope you have a good weekend.


2 thoughts on “A Dark Night Rough Cut Series: Part 1/4 (Overture)

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  1. Experience-
    I am a hearing impaired person so take these comments with that caveat. I played both versions, the second I could understand better than the first, but it was my second time through. I lost most of the dialog.

    As a prelude it is best of course if one has seen the film. Dark Knight and Apocalypse Now are easily identified and I know where you are going. The others, unfamiliar to me, merely have the feel of a dark prelude, which is fine. It is art after all.

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    1. Very helpful feedback, RR. Reminded me I need to do sound mixing, as a lot of the dialogue is getting muddled in the music. I of course hear it better because I’ve spent so much time with the footage and I know ahead of time exactly what the characters are saying. A real blind spot!

      A dark prelude is exactly what I was going for, so that’s good that u got that.


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