Upcoming EF Project!

“In order to pull this off I know I’m going to need your help.”

Hello, friends. I hope you are staying healthy during this trying time. Nourishing your creativity, and your relationships. I know it’s not easy!

I wanted to share with you some exciting news. I have begun work on a new montage project. And it is undoubtedly my most ambitious project yet. It will probably take me many more weeks, or even months to complete.

As you may know, I used to write movie reviews here (And I aspire to again. Some at least). But now, what I do primarily is make movie montages. They are very time consuming, but so fun and rewarding to make. Last year I started attending film school to try and improve my filmmaking.

I would describe this forthcoming EF project as a schizophrenic opera about darkness and light. The conflict between the angel and devil on one’s metaphorical shoulders. And the integration of one’s Jungian shadow, for you psychology buffs.

I will be using 5 films. And at least as many music tracks. All weaving, breathing together in a classical 3 Act structure storyline. Here are the films:

Into The Dark We Go

I believe this has the opportunity to become something I might feel very proud of. For years to come, perhaps even. But honestly, I might be in over my head.

In order to pull this off I know I’m going to need your help, and feedback. I plan to share updates, and perhaps even rough cuts with you along the way. I know its asking a lot, but I hope you might offer your thoughts and honest feedback so I can make the final version as compelling and accessible as possible.

The theme is very dark, and dense. And the story lines are complicated. I am particularly concerned about losing the audience in the madness. And about me trying to bend disparate storylines together in ways that don’t translate into a comprehensive story.

For now, what do you think of the project? Which of these movies have you seen, and what do you like and dislike about them?

What other works of art, songs, movies, etc. come to mind when you consider the theme “light and dark?”

Thanks for reading! And please comment if anything comes to mind! Stay safe.


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  1. Experience – I think it has to be something featuring the Second World War. The regime that ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945 is about as dark a period any people have endured in recent history, and the men and women who came together at all levels to frustrate it and then put it down can only be seen as light.

    I have never been able to watch Schindler’s List nor visit the Holocaust museum in Washington DC. Not Jewish myself but grew up with close friends who were and the horror of the notion that by accident of birth one is condemned is too much for me to take in.

    I have seen a lot as a litigator. Nothing compares to that darkness, or what it required to extinguish it and bring that country into the light.
    Road Review.

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    1. RR, I can only imagine the horror in people’s minds during that very dark time history. And I know you must have witnessed a lot as a litigator.

      This is a very good suggestion – if I could incorporate WW2 somehow in the video… hmm 🤔 There’s really a ton of good WW2 movies and characters / Sub characters that depict that darkness. And you have inspired me to review the catalog. U know actually, In preliminary brainstorming I wanted to used Terrance Malick’s The Thin Red Line, which of course depicts the Pacific theater, nothing much to do with the holocaust, unfortunately.

      The important thing is that I think this has to be a vid about internal conflict Inside a person. And that may ultimately determine if an additional WW2 movie will fit. We’ll see


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