The World is Not Enough (1999)

Feat. The Music of David Arnold performed by Garbage

A few quotes… And a little psychology.

Remember, 007, shadows stay in front or behind, but never on top.

M’s cleverly devised innuendo foreshadows Bond and Electra’s relationship. It also describes our own relationship with our unconscious mind. According to Jungian Psychological Theory, one definition of “The Shadow Self” is the set of unconscious aspects of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself, those which we do not know how to successfully incorporate into our daily social interactions with other people. This could mean personality traits, drives, impulses, etc. Think Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego, “Mr. Hyde.”ShadowSelf.jpg

We are usually repressing our Shadow Self into the darkest recesses of our mind (placing it behind us in shame). And, according to more classical Freudian, psychodynamic theory, we are also pursuing it (placing it in front of us in the form of ambition) by sublimating it into our behavior in socially acceptable, but roundabout ways. One example is we might pour ourselves into a career or hobby to divert our libido. The activity not only diverts our attention away from taboo thoughts and impulses, but ideally places us in a position to where those thoughts and impulses (stemming from the id) can actually be fulfilled, logically by way of attracting mates as a result of increased social status. Why do you think WallStreet bankers wanna make all that money??? Why do rockstars want to be famous?

It is when we consciously become our unconscious mind (on top) that we enter a danger zone that will send our loved ones running for cover if they know what’s best for them. Then again, some people value authenticity.

Q: Now pay attention, 007. I’ve always tried to teach you two things. First: never let them see you bleed.

Bond: And the second?

Q: Always have an escape plan.

Q and Bond

Desmond Llewelyn’s final line as the MI6 Quartermaster (Q) reveals the character’s (and Bond’s) masculine philosophy for success – show strength, always. Lick your wounds alone. And retire gracefully.

In the very next scene, Bond watches a ransom video. A young woman asks for help. She bleeds from the side of her face.

Electra King totally defies Q’s formula for success, and nearly conquers the world. Unlike traditional bond villains, Electra uses weakness to achieve her ends. She uses the emotions of Fear and Sadness in order to appear vulnerable, and lure people into her web. Then she strikes. She is like a black widow spider, a juxtaposition of delicacy and deadliness.

Electra 1

Given Electra’s character, I think the band, Garbage, was the perfect choice to record the title track of this film. Seduction and manipulation are common themes in the emotional, and psychosexually charged lyrics of Shirley Manson throughout the band’s catalogue. The Front-woman and master of metaphor possesses such command of the unconscious mind, it seems, she can toy with its sacred contents like a sophisticated predator might toy with its food before devouring it, never fearing it might swim away.

Anger and Disgust


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