Fire & Ice: A 90s James Bond Music Video

Feat. The Bond remix by Moby (In a special EFC music video!)

“How can you act like this? How can you be so cold?”

“It’s what keeps me alive.”

“No, it’s what keeps you alone.”

A Quick Blog Status Report: MIA

I know I have been missing in action here these past few weeks. My apologies. All I can say is that I am a hairy mammal, and it is Winter time. I see some of you have been more productive than I have. The good news is, even if I continue to post less often for the next month or two, I vow to check in to read your posts at least weekly. Hopefully that will allow me stay at least somewhat relevant, and keep up with the happenings in your life, as well as your latest musings and creations.

The Music Video


This one was the most difficult for me thus far. James Bond is fast, clever, and precise. The music video needed to possess the same qualities. This was also the first music video I’ve made in which I synthesized footage from multiple films (3). I also abandoned narrative strategies like chronology, meaning I do not necessarily show the scenes in the order they occur in the films. The sequence is somewhat random, but certainly not entirely random. I made it a priority to use footage that fit what I was hearing in the music, regardless of what point it occurred in the movies. This meant I had to sacrifice narrative cohesion and to some degree, intelligibility.

Eliot Carver 1

As much time and energy as I put into this, I have little emotional investment. My goal is to get better at these videos. So, if you watch the video, let me know what you didn’t like, and what I could improve upon in future videos. And, fellow bond fans especially, feel free to berate me for all the great scenes and characters I excluded from this. It was tough to find room for them all!

Why James Bond?

Image: FILE PHOTO: 'Skyfall' Royal World Premiere - In Profile: James Bond

Simple answer: Why not!?

For better or worse I grew up idolizing the fictional British Spy, as portrayed in the 90s by Pierce Brosnan. I lived vicariously through the movies, Goldeneye (1995), Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), and The World is Not Enough (1999) and their respective video games.GoldenEye-N64

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing Goldeneye N64 with my older sister, cousins, and friends. Winter was the best time to play. Especially when we could take breaks to sled-ride, build igloos and have snowball fights outside.

I would sneak to various hiding spots in my 3rd grade classroom to write my own Bond stories, complete with “bang! bang!” sound effects, musical interludes, and credits sections in which I acknowledged my classmates and teachers for producing, directing, and doing the makeup and hairstyling for all my characters. One story took place on a cruise ship, I remember. Bond teamed up with a cunning marine biologist named Abigail Shepard to stop an Oil Barren from stealing a rare bottle-nosed dolphin. Admittedly, plot was never my strong suit.

Casino Golden

As an adult, a part of me eschews the Bond Universe for its escapist allure. Nowhere in fiction or real life will you find more attractive characters. Nor could anybody lead a more interesting or lavish lifestyle than 007. It is all just an extravagant western fantasy. So why have I now decided to devote 30+ hours of my life to celebrating it? Because let’s face it, while it may not be real life, it’s still freaking awesome.

Here is the video. The title: Fire & Ice will make sense if you watch the finale. I thought the dualism is also befitting of Bond’s and Natalya’s personalities, as well as the art direction surrounding Natalya.

Watch in 1080p!

EFC Presents: Fire & Ice (Feat. The Bond Theme Re-version by Moby) 

Thanks for reading/watching. What is your favorite bond movie and/or Bond Video game?

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4 thoughts on “Fire & Ice: A 90s James Bond Music Video

Add yours

  1. No worries about being MIA. We are not going anywhere, and your posts are always worth the wait. Despite being a huge movie buff, I have never really been a huge James Bind fan though. My favorite bind movie is Casino Royal with Daniel Craig. Probably because it feels like less of a Bond movie. Great post (and video) and best wishes for the new year 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Michel! I only am because I grew up with it. Just like Harry Potter. I was the baby in my family so everyone told me what to do and what to like haha. A lot of it stuck.

      Casino Royale is a great pick! I love that one and saw it twice in theaters. The original (1953) was Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel, and the story lent itself well to the Daniel Craig reboot. I agree it feels less like a bond film. The world isn’t going to blow up but there is still so much at stake.

      Happy new year to you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your thoughts on being absent from WordPress due to circumstances resonate with my own (for being unwell) though I try my best where I can and ofcourse it is always a warming welcome to see your post regardless of when.

    I can’t seem to recall any favourite movies as I have not been much of a ‘bond lady’ but I can appreciate the history of these films that made them iconic to this day. Much like Star Wars I suppose. Having said that, I favour Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. I liked his charisma, and that sauve he naturally posessed for such a role.

    I greatly appreciate your efforts in editing these music videos. They are well put together. The ending was very a nice touch.

    I hope you’ve had a nice few festive days to enjoy and have a wonderful one into the New Year.

    Sincerely Sonea

    Liked by 1 person

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