EFC 02 – Frozen Inside Out (Part 2)

Feat. The Music of Muse & Demi Lovato

“Some people are worth melting for” – Olaf The Snowman

Chapter 3: Up (& Down) The North Mountain

Queen Elsa’s chilly departure left Arendelle in chaos. The untimely winter freeze surprised everyone, including Princess Anna who until tonight was oblivious to her sister’s powers. Now she feels responsible for provoking Elsa. She sets out after her to try and make amends and stop the winter. We find her sitting beside her guide, Kristoff, in his sled. Kristoff’s trustee reindeer buddy, Sven, pulls the pair through the dark forest.

Joy & Disgust for Anna sleigh ride{Growing up} “She wore the gloves all the time so I just thought maybe she has a thing about dirt.” Joy tells Kristoff how the winter came about. Elsa refused to bless her engagement to Prince Hans and went ice-crazy instead. Disgust wards off flak from Kristoff about her for agreeing to marry Hans, who she only met that day. She also finds aversion to some of his lewd comments and mannerisms.

Anna It's true love gifSuddenly, a pack of wolves ambushes the sled! Anger, who had been heating up amidst the discussion, is nowAnger stock1 fully charged and ready to vent some frustration. Anna takes up arms and yells “It’s true love!” as she goes Xena princess warrior on the brutes.

After fending off the wolves the trio Olaf The Snowman 1continues on foot through an enchanted wintery morning scene. Along the way they meet
Olaf The Snowman who shows them the way to Elsa’s palace.

“So you’re not at all afraid of her (Elsa)?” Kristoff asks. “Why would I be?” Joy replies confidently. After all, she has no recollection that Elsa nearly killed her in childhood.

Anna & Elsa Ice Palace Fantasy 1.jpgIt is now evening. Anna approaches the palace, hesitates, and then knocks on the enchanted front door, which immediately swings open. She walks inside the marvelous structure. Elsa emerges at the top of the grand staircase. Anna gawks at her beautiful appearance.

Anna & Elsa Can be who I amShe tries to persuade Elsa to return to Arendelle and end the eternal winter. However, Elsa has her doubts. “I can’t, I don’t know how. Besides, I belong here where I can be who I am without hurting anybody.” She warns Anna to leave and then ascends to the highest room of her palace.

Anna follows. Joy tries to persuade Elsa, while Sadness simultaneously offers her support. “We can fix this
together, you don’t have to live in fear.” Joy tries to coach Sadness through the delicate maneuver. (That’s it, easy does it, Sadness).Elsa You're not safe here

Fear and Joy Freeze overUnfortunately, by this time Elsa is plummeting into a psychological death spiral. Dread and self-pity flood her consciousness, causing Joy to turn to ice”I’m such a fool, I can’t be free!Fear raises the alarm for Anna, “You’re not safe here

However, Anna’s Joy is oblivious to the danger. She is preoccupied with micromanaging Sadness and trying to coax Elsa back to Arendelle. 

Anna heart freezes shrapnelElsa gathers her energy and detonates into a shower of icy shrapnel. The burst strikes Anna straight through her heart. She falls to one knee as Kristoff rushes to her side.

Anger motions for the controls, but Joy suppresses his grievance. She persists, “I’m not leaving without you, Elsa”Snow Monster chases

Yes, you are” Elsa replies as she conjures a goliath snow monster that chases her unwelcome guests out of the palace and down the mountain side.

Experience This: For The First Time in Forever (Reprise)

Elsa adult Fear red amberElsa continues swirling down into an icy fit of hysteria. She feels terribly guilty about freezing Arendelle, yet helpless to fix the situation. She doesn’t know how to reverse the storm. Still, she is responsible for the damage and must deal with it somehow. This means her reclusive respite, and hence her freedom has come to an end.

Things are about to get even worse for Elsa. Suddenly, a group of men, lead by Prince Hans, assaults her palace and demands her surrender. Among the pack are two goons sent
by the Duke of Weselton. Armed with deadly crossbows, they shoot to kill.

Anger Fear & Disgust for Elsa gifAnger does not take kindly to their attack. To protect Elsa he seizes the upperhand. He pins one of the henchmen behind a wall of ice and nearly pushes him to his death.

Hans enters the scene and calls out to Elsa, “Don’t be the monster they fear you are!”Elsa battles guards AngerFear 3

Fear acknowledges him and stops the attack. Just as she lowers her hand a stray arrow knocks loose a giant crystal chandelier from above. Elsa gasps and tries to run but it crashes down on her, knocking her unconscious.

* * *

With a leap of faith Anna and Kristoff escape the snow monster and rendezvous with Olaf and Sven at the base of the mountain.

Disgust and Fear Anna 2Meanwhile, Anna’s psychological HQ is in disarray. Joy and Sadness were at the controls when Elsa’s icy blast bounded straight through the console, knocking them clean out of the command center. Disgust assumes the captain’s chair in Joy’s absence and promotes Fear to first officer.

Anna worrying.jpgAnna, who is usually so confident, begins worrying about the whole situation. She frets, “What are we gonna do? Kristoff notes that her hair is turning white. “Does it look bad?” Disgust inquires.

Disgust for Anna The love experts?“It’s because she struck you, isn’t it?” Kristoff comprehends the danger and escorts her to the magic trolls, who he calls “the love experts.” She scoffs about these so-called “love experts,” who Kristoff says can fix her heart. However, she follows anyways.

“Here we are” says Kristoff as they stumble into a rock-laden clearing in the forest. He proceeds to talk to the rocks as if they are his old pals. Disgust, creeped out by his unusual antics, is about to make Anna run for it when, all of a sudden the rocks wobble to life. She realizes they’re not rocks, they’re trolls!

Anna and Kristoff Love Experts Disgust 2Before Kristoff can explain the situation, the trolls start fawning over Anna. They try to play romantic match-maker of their two guests. Disgust is embarrassed by the ordeal. Besides, being attracted to Kristoff would threaten Anna’s affection for Prince Hans. That can’t happen!

Finally, Grand Pabbie inspects her and laments that he cannot heal her frozen heart. “Only an act of true love can save her” he explains.

With that, the gang races for Arendelle on back of Sven in hopes that a “true love’s kiss” from Hans will save Anna.

Chapter 4: An Act of True Love

Joy and Sadness are LOST in Anna’s long-term memory. This is a very big problem since both emotions, Sadness especially, must be present at headquarters in order for Anna to be able to perform an act of true love. These two have never been buddy-buddy per se. Now they must reconcile their differences and find a way back to the command center, and FAST! Arendelle is in sight. Kristoff holds Anna in his arms as he races for the castle gates aboard Sven.

Meanwhile, Elsa raises her weary head toward the small window of her dark dungeon. She is back home in Arendelle, unwillingly, and is shackled to the floor by both arms. Prince Hans enters the room and demands that she stop the Winter.Elsa pleads with Hans

“Don’t you see? I can’t.” Elsa replies. She pleads with him, “You have to tell them to let me go.” Hans leaves without acquiescing her request and travels to another corridor where Princess Anna has just returned from her treacherous journey.

Anna is in dire straights. First her heart, and now her whole body is beginning to freeze. By the fireside she begs Hans to give her a true love’s kiss, which would stop the curse. But Hans refuses.Hans Betrayel 1

She listens in helpless horror as Hans tells her that he does not love her. He then goes on to explain how he was just using her to gain control of Arendelle. His plan is to kill Elsa and become King. As he extinguishes the fire, Anna falls to the floor, paralyzed. Hans leaves the room and locks the door behind him, effectively leaving Anna for dead. She doesn’t even have the strength to call out for help.

To cover his tracks, Hans fabricates a story for the rest of the castle. “Princess Anna… was killed by Queen Elsa… I hereby sentence Queen Elsa to death for treason.” To ensure that his order is executed, he returns to the dungeon, only to find that Elsa has escaped! He sets out after her onto the frozen fjord.

Meanwhile, all hope seems lost for Anna when, suddenly the locked door begins to turn… Someone has come to save Anna. Who could it be? A knight in shining armor? It’s… Olaf the snowman to the rescue!

Anna with Olaf 1Olaf starts another fire and helps Anna beside it. “What happened to your true love’s kiss?” He asks. “It wasn’t true love.” Anna bemoans.

Olaf knows she still needs to find true love or else she will freeze. But Anna admits, “I don’t even know what love is.”

“That’s okay, I do” chimes Olaf. “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.

“Olaf, you’re melting.” Anna notices.

“Some people are worth melting for.” Olaf affirms. Anna at Olaf's compassion.png

Anna’s eyes flicker with life at Olaf’s compassion. This could only mean one thing: Joy, her star player, is back at headquarters! And Sadness too! Sadness lead the way from long-term memory and Joy made the final push with a brilliant trampolining scheme and some head’s up thinking (and erupting) from Disgust and Anger, respectively. Great Work team!

Sadness Joy & Disgust for Anna after heart first freezesThe situation remains bleak, however. Although Joy is back with the team, Anna’s frozen heart has decimated her power. All she can do now is watch from the sidelines. Sadness, on the other hand, has become entranced. She glides to the controls as if caught in a tractor beam. Disgust guards the controls. Joy is also hesitant, but her gut is telling her Sadness has something to offer. After a moment’s pause she tells Disgust to let Sadness do her thing. (Help us Sadness, you’re our only hope!)

Olaf is opening the window to un-melt himself when he sees Kristoff and Sven barreling down the mountain straight toward them! They’ve come back for Anna. Together Olaf and Anna climb through the window, slide down the snowy roof and wander out onto the frozen fjord to meet up with with Kristoff.

In the blizzard Anna cries out for Kristoff. She is nearly in his arms when she turns and sees Elsa collapsed on the ground. Hans is standing over her, raising his sword – he is going to kill her!Anna sacrifices 1

“NO!” Anna screams as she throws herself in front of Elsa to protect her. Hans’ sword is already falling. She raises her right arm to brace, as if she were clutching an invisible shield.

As she completes the motion her body turns to solid ice. Her blue crystal hand connects with Han’s sword, creating a powerful shockwave that knocks Hans off his feet. All goes quiet as one last breath escapes Anna’s lungs.
Sadness for Elsa hugging Anna

Anna! No. Please, no.” Elsa weeps and embraces Anna’s frozen figure. Kristoff and Olaf bow their heads, fearing the worst.Elsa Hugs Anna 2.png

* * *

Sadness Frozen Over 1Anna’s HQ has become an icy tomb. Sadness is cryogenically frozen to the controls – Joy’s hand rests on her shoulder. Disgust, Fear and Anger stand just behind them, similarly turned blue. The clock has struck midnight – the magic has ended.

Joy is comatose. Her last memory was of Sadness yelling “No!” just as the ice permeated the command center like water through a sunken carriage. Faced with her inevitable destruction, she did not succumb to fear. Instead, as the ice crept up her spine she felt nothing but a grand sense of sorrow for Anna. Sorrow that she would not live long enough to experience true romance. To die of a broken heart…so young. Not like this, not like…

She slips into a fantastic dream as the ice rises above her shoulders. {Begin Dream Sequence} She is no longer cold, but rather warm, looking at a man, a prince! The stars are in his eyes. She blushes and shifts her gaze downward. Her frozen body has become a beautiful crystal blue gown, which swirls like gossamer. It is a balmy summer night and she is gliding in… glass slippers?

Is this heaven? Joy wonders…Oh no, the clock strikes midnight! Time to get going!

Joy is thrown from the carriage straight into a herd of pink elephants?

Joy is now awake…Or is she? She has fallen deep into Anna’s unconscious. Fear is with her, but he has turned into a pink elephant! She must still be dreaming…

She instinctively tries to climb her way back to the HQ, but stumbles over the thousands of memory balls piled beneath her feet. It’s a Sisyphean task. She climbs repeatedly only to be repelled each time by the mountain of memories. (You ever have that dream?)

{End Dream Sequence}

* * *

Elsa’s deep cries echo across the desolate fjord. Anna’s crystal body is bitter cold beneath her arms. Suddenly, her lifeless heart lurches into a dull, yet unmistakeable beating rhythm. Warm waves of energy cascade across her chest and crash upon her extremities. She has come back to life!Elsa and Anna on Fjord 1

Elsa smiles in disbelief. “Oh Anna! You sacrificed yourself for me?”

“I love you.” Anna replies.

Olaf gasps in exhilaration, “True love will thaw a frozen heart.”Olaf gasps 1

Suddenly Elsa knows how to end the Winter and bring back Summer. Love will thaw. She uses her newfound power to restore Arendelle to a balmy Summer.

Joy couldn’t be happier. She gives Sadness a big warm Joy & Sadness backs togetherhug. “You did it, Sadness! Gosh, I had the strangest dream that I was dancing with a prince, in glass slippers. And Fearyou turned into a pink elephant, and… Oh well, it doesn’t matter. High fives all around. Nice work, Team Happy!

Anna and Kristoff Celebrate 1Anna glows with enthusiasm as she celebrates with Kristoff. Not
before sending prince Hans into the fjord with a righteous punch to the face, however.

Elsa similarly enjoys the moment by turning her courtyard into an ice rink, causing at least a dozen of her citizens to keel over with heart attacks in the process.

She takes Anna by the hands and dances with her on the ice. Two sisters, together in renewed solidarity forever more.

* * *  THE END  * * * 

 EFC 02 Soundtrack

“Let it Go” Demi Lovato End Credits version
Jason’s Pick: “Dead Inside” by Muse


Release Date: November 27, 2013
Rated: PG

Directors: Chris Buck (Tarzan), and Jennifer Lee (directorial debut)
Writers: Chris Buck (Pocahontas), and Jennifer Lee (Zootopia, Wreck it Ralph). Hans Christian Andersen (story inspired by “The Snow Queen” by)
Voice Cast: Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), Josh Gad (Olaf).

The Inside Out: Joy (32), Sadness (23), Fear (15%), Disgust (14%), Anger (6%).Fear and Joy Freeze over

That concludes the Experience Films Collection (02) episode. Thank you for reading. Keep your eyes and ears open for EFC 03, as well as future posts.

COPYRIGHT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Frozen, Inside Out and all characters, as well as various music featured in this episode are products of Disney.

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