Sadness Movie Characters

Sadness – Sense of sympathy, sorrow, grief, despair. Facilitates social bonding, processes traumatic experience. Mourns the loss of relationship, life or vitality.

We can all experience Sadness. However, some characters seem to experience the emotion so routinely that it dictates their personality and behavior. While most of the actors below are crying, I don’t believe all Sadness-dominant personalities cry necessarily. They might be stoic ponderers, philosophers or romantics. They are often devoted caretakers, nurturers or martyrs, even. They may pour over books. Their favorite film genres include fantasy, romance, and drama. They  gravitate toward the arts and humanities. Their favorite element is water. They love the ocean, the moon, rain, and, of course, the color blue 😉

My archetypal image of the emotion isn’t precisely the same as yours, of course, but perhaps it’s close? Here are some characters I believe lead with the emotion, Sadness, if Inside Out were to extend to their movie universes…

Which characters would you add or delete? How close is my definition of Sadness to yours?




Sadness holding memory ball.


7 thoughts on “Sadness Movie Characters

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  1. It’s not only close….it’s spot on. Pretty much all the characters that I see on display here, are the characters that I would think of in exactly the same way. The one I would add is Newt from Aliens. A tragic, sad, but ultimately still very heroic character all at the same time 😊

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      1. It’s so awesome that you added her: seriously cool. The relationship between Ripley and Newt was just what made this movie work even more than it already did. It will always be my number 1 science fiction movie. If all goes well, I will have a review for both Alien and Aliens coming up this month 😊😊

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  2. That’s interesting. All of the above characters are pretty much “sadness” for me too. I would also add the main character(s) from Requiem for a Dream. There are so much devastating sadness in their eyes. Even when Harry and Marion are happy together, it is still melancholy sadness. The most depressing movie ever.

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    1. I have added Harry & Marion from Requiem For A Dream. Great contribution, and indeed a depressing and memorable film. It’s tricky business choosing the most representative characters here. It’s nice to get as much feedback as possible on these. Thanks so much!

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