Boy, was I jazzed. Spent the evening with friends, petting dogs, playing chess, and talking about Goose, and Disco Biscuits, and The Fifth Element, drinking rosé, and peeing my pants watching the best Oscars show since Billy Crystal hosted.

For the first time in forever it wasn’t all about white people, or black people, or men, or women. For once it was all about… asians😂 For once it was all about everybody all at once. Wasn’t it?

Idk Maybe it was all in my head (of course everything is). I’m about 8 1/2 weeks from being Cuckoo committed… If I’m lucky. But anyways, it all started with a montage👏. Eclectic shot choices from 2022’s movies, culminating in host, Jimmy Kimmel para-trooping through the freaking ceiling out of Maverick’s F-18. Elvis has entered the building!

Shortly thereafter was Ke Huy Kwan’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor. And it was the… je ne sais quoi, collective heart-melt moment of the evening. “Don’t let it pass you by.”

From then on it was lights out entertainment as far as I’m concerned. All 8 of the inexplicably gutted categories from last year’s show were restored: Shorts, docs, makeup, music, sound, production design, and editing (yeah no worries, Academy, we’re just the people who, you know, make the movie? Lmao).

Musical performances galore. Gaga, Rihanna, Dianne Warren, Mitski & David Byrne. And The Naatu Naatu dance performance brought back memories of 2008 Slumdog Millionaire’s “Jai Ho!” Lenny Kravitz keyed the In Memoriam segment. And The room sang Happy Birthday to Irish Goodbye winner / adult with Down Syndrome, James Martin.

“I’ll be the bad guy in the play.” Thanks, Gaga🐾

Most of the films got at least some love, though undoubtedly not as much as they deserved. German adaptation, All Quiet On The Western Front walked away with an impressive 4 naked men. Otherwise it was an Everything Everywhere All At Once bloodbath. 7 awards for the Daniels’ genre-bending multiversal rampage. And this filmmaker could not be happier about it.

Everything Everywhere pretty much affirms my life and my art. The Daniels’ arrived at the same conclusion I did in A Dark Night, which is that every once in a blue moon the good guys do win, surprisingly. Michelle Yeoh’s white swan dress was symbolic and stunning. This was your night, beautiful angel. And woe what a night it was.



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  1. terrific post; loved it! seen everything a few times since, and have grown to ove that, beem knocked out by its manic weirdness; and what a great comment: ‘for once it was about everybody, all at once !!!

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  2. The 4 acting winners feel like the ‘small guys’ finally got their shot at the spotlight. So deserving. I still need to see The Whale, but just from the trailer, looks like a tearjerker.

    Nice pun-filled post, man! I love the Asian joke in the second paragraph. 😀

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      1. I had to go and check her awards page on IMDb. She has other nominations and wins as well. She was great in “A Fish Called Wanda” for example. But most of her accolades are from the 80s. So this is has been a long wait for her as well. All 4 made their own comeback in their own way. Truly inspirational!

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