Still Got That Feelin’

“Men fear most what they cannot see.”

-Batman Begins (2005)

Today I want to share with you a montage I published here in February 2020, which I also presented for assignment at Colorado film school.

It is a training / comeback montage in the style of Rocky. There are 5 movies / franchises: Batman, Tomb Raider, Creed, The Shallows, and Predator. (Side note – I just watched Prey (2022), which fueled me to post this).

Inspired by the plights of friends and family, and a moment in my life I am very proud of – When Voldemort sneered, “You will Looose E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g…” And I fireball🔥’d his ass. When, cloaked in darkness under the shadow of God’s mighty foot, I stood up and landed a blow. And spat blood in contempt! Before being crushed. This was the same moment I knew I had to make A Dark Night.

The song is called “Vulture, Vulture.” By the Icelandic Rock / Folk Band, Of Monsters and Men. I have twice seen them in concert, and was listening to this album, Fever Dream (2019) throughout my journey in the American West.

Have you seen any of these movies? Share if you like a personal victory, or a moment of scorn, when you said enough was enough💪🏼



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  1. Very cool.
    I haven’t seen Creed and The Shallows. Creed is on my watchlist, how the other one compares to the Jaws for example? Clips from it look exciting.

    About the personal victory, I think it would be my first full-time job, which I loved and was very well paid for with limited experience, and my latest job 20 years later (after years of unemployment and a string of mostly underpaid jobs).

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    1. Creed is a worthy successor to The Rocky Saga. Arguably better. I used scenes from both 1 and 2 here. And Creed 3 is set for release March 3, 2023. I love the cinematography in The Shallows. It’s visceral, up-close and personal. There are some really neat underwater shots, but also some to-be-expected plot holes and aggravating moments, as with any less than perfect horror film.

      Congrats on your latest job. I have read about career hardships you have overcome, none moreso than getting hired in foreign countries Finland and Uruguay. That’s a flex for sure💪🏼👏

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  2. I have seen all of the films mentioned here (including Prey) except for Creed. I was a bit worn out on boxing movies from the Rocky Era, but after seeing a trailer for Creed 3 I am tempted to watch the first two Creed films before the third is released. As for a personal, put-up or shut-up victory, I do recall when I first started in one of my Supply Chain positions the person I was replacing warned me how impossible it would be to work with our Accounting folks, and it would significantly impact my ability to the job. I wound up winning them over fairly quickly, which that prior position-holder still to this day can’t believe I did.

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    1. Ahh yes, winning people over is one of the most satisfying accomplishments isn’t it. Requires leadership and love – among other things I’m sure you understand. Especially in Operations / Supply Chain Mgmt… I have held a few managing positions. One, professionally. People are tough.

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  3. Of course I’ve seen (and reviewed) every film you mentioned. Prey was particularly good and I’m always glad to see The Shallows getting acknowledged. I do enjoy a moment of personal victory. I was pretty discouraged about something early this year, but my blog’s 6th anniversary and 2,200th review encouraged me to keep going.

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    1. Of course MM has reviewed all of these!😄 Here I am ripping these movies for my montage and I haven’t even properly reviewed any of them lol. Awesome blog, and milestones Keep up the great work👏 You alluded to what I was trying to express myself – It takes the discouragement, yes That’s the flipside of the win isn’t it. We are learning as we get older Eventually Nobody’s gonna tell you what you should do. Sometimes You have to say I’m gonna do this. Here I Stand!💪🏼

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  4. Hi E.F. I’m not sure this counts as a “victory” story as it is more of a “sink or swim” story. I trained as a sound and lighting engineer at college and whilst I was studying I went out for a rare night drinking and to see a band. I was introduced to the guys by a friend (who was also on my course) and I then went to see the group a second time. Anyway, about a week later I was walking along the street when a van pulled up next to me and the guys inside leant out and said “You’re that guy the sound engineer aren’t you? We met last week….are you busy tonight?”. Well, it turns out the band’s regular roadie wasn’t available and they wanted me to step in at last minute. For some reason I said I probably could and ended up doing their tech that night – I’d only seen their show in full once and had never used their equipment but I pulled it off and the show went without a hitch. In fact members of the audience came up on stage later and spoke to the band telling them the show was better….and I ended up getting the job permanent. I think this counts as being put in a situation but I believing in myself enough that I made a change and got a victory.
    Though I don’t think my story will be turned into a Hollywood movie any time soon….

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    1. This is a fantastic “sink or swim” story! And so complimentary to the other stories here. Your predicament is unique because of the spontaneity, timeliness of your response. Just like Arnold in Predator – This thing is coming for you and you only have minutes to prepare!.. I often get overwhelmed in these spontaneous sorts of situations. That takes serious guts to say Yes to the band, believing in your self and trusting your abilities. And you crushed it!


      1. Hi EF, thank you, I forgot I had mentioned that time of my life. I do have to say that that journey/victory was eased by having great love and support from Mrs Tyeth – and the fabulous medical team that attended me did wonders. I class that one as a team effort, but the stakes were a bit more serious.


  5. It seems to be a pattern! Saw all but Creed. And I love that actor. We used to caption the show where he started (or at least I first saw him) Friday Night Lights, and I remember thinking, “He’s going somewhere,” and for once I was right, lol. Usually my husband calls out emerging talent, even people I don’t necessarily see it in. Remember Galaxy Ques and Sam Rockwell? I thought Rockwell was funny, but nothing AMAZING, right? But hubby was like, “That guy’s got talent.” And he’s ALWAYS right. He really should have been a casting agent.
    Anyway, congrats on your contemptuous blood-spitting epiphany.
    One personal victory was simultaneous with a “enough is enough” moment. I’d tried to get into a lit. mag for years. Finally, just because they closed their doors, I got an honorable mention, lol. So it was a sort of victory/enough is enough moment, ’cause it was like, “Wow. Thanks SO MUCH.” Read: sarcasm, lol

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    1. Oh yeah I forgot he was in Friday Night Lights. Good call! And congratulations on the publication. Is that “Anatomy of Ruin?” I found the link and just started reading that one. I love it, and don’t even get me started on fluoride I am a freak I think it’s mind control. I filter all my all my water.

      Lol “contemptuous blood spitting epiphany” Such a perfect roast. I obviously exaggerated a (tad bit) there. Thought about changing that one line at first I was like Too much?🤔 Nope, we’re keeping it. Gotta get this blog rolling again. I’ll gas myself up – I slay gods, ya’ll😂


  6. Yeah, no, do NOT change it. It’s perfect! lol 🙂
    Also, thanks so much for dipping into the story, but don’t worry about it! Nobody has the time! It’s just nice being able to announce it.
    Lastly, even though I loved the blood splitting contempt line…I think I came into your blog very recently, ’cause what and where is A Dark Night? Maybe you talked about it before I started following you……?


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