Return of The Dream Canteen

It all starts with the music here at Experience Film. And the title of the latest Chili Peppers album says it all – we’re back, baby.

Not since the 80s has there been a greater Rock Band than The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Formed in ’83, headliners at every music festival they’ve performed for the past three decades, including Woodstock ’99 (obviously). With something like 120 million album sales along the way. Pretty safe to say, the California rockers’ Scar Tissue is ours now too.

Anthony Kiedis’s fractured lyrics are the epitome of post-modernism – recycled pithy observations and euphemisms melded into a frenetic collage of R&B prose. Everything Everywhere All At Once. Bassist, Flea (The GOAT) has a successful acting career, and now it’s Will Ferrel who even sometimes gets mistaken for drummer, Chad Smith, instead of the other way around. The lineup is impeccable, However, it’s the guitarist EF is particularly crushing on at the moment.

Return of The Dream Canteen (2022) marks the band’s second album of 2022, and second since the return of their #1 beloved guitarist, John Frusciante (absent since Stadium Arcadium ’06, which my friends and I blared in our cars in high school). I’m getting emotional just thinking about him. The man is inspiring me to play again (psst, we even have the same haircut๐Ÿคฉ).

You may have heard the single “Black Summer” playing on the radio last spring / summer. That was the single from their first get-back album, Unlimited Love which overall I still feel meh about. But then, just a couple months ago they snuck out another album, Dream Canteen, on my older sister’s birthday, October 14. Recorded during the same session as Unlimited Love, Beatles’ style. Produced by Rick Rubin.

I was not expecting the release of this rock album, and I have to say listening to it has already changed my life. Aformentioned I am playing guitar again. Specifically, learning every song on this album. I think I’m gonna go play meow. Peace and Love.



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    1. Tbh it’s tough for me too! I prefer long-takes like the trailer for Athena you shared last summer. I believe 90% of music video editing is reprehensible. Even if you ARE tripping, your brain should not be processing this many images at once. But I still share the music video because this is the world we live in. Speaking of Californication!

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      1. I hear you. ๐Ÿ˜
        I’ve just rewatched the Californication video. It had to have been very special at the time because of the cool video game style. That coupled with the band’s inherent coolness. I imagine they were at least nominated for for the video as well as the song. I was certainly fully engaged through out.

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  1. Oh yeah! I listened to some of their songs those days. I know it by the singer whose voice is exceptional somehow. I like the adjective: punchy too; it fits precisely!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ––


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