EF Will Return… (Halftime)

2023, more like.

Chess legend, Bobby Fischer died at 64 – exact same number of squares on a chess board. (Don’t u just love that). So the joke within the subculture goes that if you play chess you should expect to die at the same age. Like, if it isn’t cancer, or heart or liver failure by then, that girl from The Ring is going to climb out of the television on your 64th birthday and reap your soul with the touch of a cold clammy hand. Ah ’tis a game of fear.

I just turned 32 last month, which means it is halftime (Referee blows whistle). “Noon tea” as the Brits say. Or so I’m told by my soccer friend.

I’m looking around at my peeps like Tom Hanks on Normandy Beach. Everyone in my life is just getting shot to shit… Don’t worry It’s only one perspective. The fear and sadness you let into consciousness so your Grinch heart grows.

Until 64 I’m on borrowed time. Like the washed-up knight from Bergman’s Seventh Seal. I think I’m supposed to use it to, you know, do some good. Not too much, but some. I’m an artist, not a saint. And you know the minute you start trying to make your art good you lose your credibility. And your edge.

I’ve already lost my edge. My secret weapon. Her. With her we were ahead of the curve. Now the test is to see if I can make a good montage without her. Without, MJ’s “Secret Stuff.” Was it Magic? Or just water all along.

No montages in sight. Sad to say. That feeling I had back in the summer turned out to be a job. Just a job. Between work, and spending more time with my family and friends this guy’s heart is pretty well full. But don’t you think for a second my work here is done. I love blogging and making montages. And I have met so many incredible people here on wordpress, from all over the world! I will check on you soon. And “I’ll Be Bach.” Like Awnold.



18 thoughts on “EF Will Return… (Halftime)

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  1. Hi EF, you have got me slightly worrying now as I’m a few birthdays closer to 64 than you are currently at! But I think I’ll be around for quite a while yet, I’m not ready to be a “FORce ghost”🤣
    Anyhoo, happy belated birthday and hopefully there’ll be plenty more level-up days and posts from you!

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  2. Happy belated birthday. 32. You only get to count a few more birthday’s publicly, you know, and then it’s not socially acceptable anymore. 😂 No but seriously, enjoy the magic of 32. It was believed to be the year Jesus was crucified, and 32 also represents the amount of teeth in a full set, if you didn’t get your wisdom teeth yanked. Ah, 32. You’ve outlived Jesus if you make it the year round. Just contemplate that.

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  3. Welcome back, mate. I thought of you now and then and just wished you well. So then, you seem to be also a chess master waiting for the number 64. “I am not a number; I am a free man!!” (I don’t know if you know this old TV series…) However, this number reminded me of one of the Beatles’ songs: When I’m sixty-four! Have a nice time. CU

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    1. “I am not a number, I am a free man!” -The Prisoner. I had to google it… How about this one, “And now to suit our
      Grreat computer!! You’re magnetic ink.”
      “I’m more than that, I know I am, at least, I think I must be…

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  4. Happy belated birthday. I turned 64 last year, and I am sure you have many more years to come (as do I!) Loved The Prisoner reference in one of the replies. Hope to see you back here in 2023. The best to you and yours for the New Year! Bruce (aka WOTC)

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  5. there’s just no telling when you’re going to die, but every day you’re getting closer; so live it up, live it to the full, and do new things 🙂 you’re lucky: you got plenty of years but, yeh, it sure is ironic that BF died at 64 —

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