EFC 2.01 – Rogue One

Feat. The Music of Lissie (In a special EFC music video!)

“I am one with the force, the force is with me.”

The writers of Rogue One have a message for us. Just like Galen Erso, they buried it in their creation. The message is simple, but powerful, and it has to do with The Force. Continue reading “EFC 2.01 – Rogue One”

EFC 12: Arrival

Feat. The Music of Radiohead

“We are so wound by time, by its order.”

The exploration of Time has become a staple of the science fiction genre. So many classics have toyed with the possibilities of the temporal dimension Continue reading “EFC 12: Arrival”

EFC 04: Catching Fire

Feat. The Music of James Newton Howard & Garbage

“A spark could be enough to set them ablaze.”

Welcome, welcome! Last year the 74th Hunger Games brought us the greatest love story of our time. Two brave young people, against all odds, choose to die rather than to lose each other. As a nation we shared their agony.

This year these two star-crossed lovers face an even tougher test. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, of District 12, will square off against none but the most lethal combatants to ever set foot in the arena. Join me, your host, Caesar, in celebrating a very special 75th Hunger Games, Victor’s edition! ISN’T IT SO EXCITING!? HAHAHA! Continue reading “EFC 04: Catching Fire”

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