A Dark Night 2nd Trailer: Twist of Fate🕊💛

Feat. The music of Olivia Newton John. And Quindon Tarver performs Prince.

*Available in 4k*


Vimeo Link (If youtube doesn’t work): https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/665688819

Release Date: February 14th (Valentine’s Day)

It’s Here! The 2nd and most likely final trailer before the Valentine’s Day feature premiere. I really tried to butter you up this time😇Spiked the romance factor by about 10! From the first trailer which was much darker. This is a reflection of the love scenes I’ve been adding to the movie.

The trailer also reveals most of the *secret* movies, including No Time To Die, Annihilation, Knight of Cups, and Batman Begins. I’m going to post the full lineup soon.

Was this the preview you were expecting? Which movies could you spot? Can you guess which shot took me 100 tries to get right? (But still isn’t right🤪) Let me know your reactions in the comments!


9 thoughts on “A Dark Night 2nd Trailer: Twist of Fate🕊💛

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    1. Regarding my (Out of control) post you just commented on. Thanks so so much for the feedback! I actually just deleted the post because i think it is completely misleading. I read it again from a concerned perspective and found it horrifying. The dream was real but I think an existential metaphor, but nothing indicative of true danger to myself or others.

      I was trying to be entertaining. My word choice was very poor I realize in hindsight, and might give people the wrong impression that I am dangerous. I was only trying to entertain.

      It’s true I have issues to work through. But they are far less sinister than I have led on… Thanks again🙏


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