Still Got That Feelin’

Feat the music of Of Monsters and Men

“I don’t know about these Heavy Hands, but maybe, They can pull me up!”

Which monster are YOU battling??? 🦈🥊🦇👾🤖

Of Monsters and Men have now released a total of 3 singles off their 2019 album, “Fever Dream,” a dream-pop-infused alternative rock album.” The song featured in this post, “Vulture, Vulture,” is not one of them. The reason? My hunch is that neither the band nor the label believed the song would be able to reach people as effectively as the other three songs.

While it might not be the most popular song choice from the album, “Vulture, Vulture” is my personal favorite. Musically, it marches forward as a 106 bpm sult-strutting rumba. Lyrically, it is a song rich in subtext. Especially, psychological subtext. And I love that! I decided to make a thematic montage to try and depict some of that subtext in visual form.

It begins with male vocalist, Ragnar, describing what seems to be some kind of psychic spectre praying upon, or scavenging off his personality:

“He feeds on my ego, he swallows my pain.

He’s keeping me up, keeping me up, I’m wide awake.”

What is this unseen force? Is it a virus or cancer? Or some kind of mental affliction? A self-destructive tendency? Guilt? What’s this wraith that welcomes your failure! This boogeyman giving your nightmares? You can’t fight it if you Can’t See It.

The latter thought prompted my film choice of Predator. As Arnold says, “if it bleeds, we can kill it!”

As a young child, The Predator scared the shit out of me. But only when he removed his mask. Only when I could see his ugly face. Watching the movie as an adult, however, I’ve come to fear more what the Predator could represent, as an invisible killer. And if you’re sitting there saying, dude its just an action movie, its not that deep, Well, you’re right, and its kick-ass. Enough said.

Essentially The theme of this music video is centered around the idea of every person, as an individual, confronting their Bane, their antithesis, their monster, so to speak, whether its physical or non-physical. Whatever it may be! Hang in there!


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