Let’s talk about Joker — ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES

Sean and I both saw Joker at TIFF last month, at back to back screenings. We met up for lunch afterward (I believe we had a slight pause before seeing the Harriet Tubman movie) because boy did I have thoughts, comments, and questions, which I tried not to yell too loudly because: spoilers. Joaquin Phoenix […]

via Let’s talk about Joker — ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Joker — ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES

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  1. Hi EF, sorry I haven’t commented till now but I have been really busy with some animations for a new saber design. That wouldn’t normally be a problem but my laptop is over 12 years old and doesn’t have a graphics card and can only do one job at a time so I can’t use the internet and animate simultaneously!

    But back to the Joker review and analysis, I thought it was very well done and balanced…a much needed change from all the negative agenda ridden reviews some films have received recently. As soon as I saw Phoenix in the first trailer I knew he was going to be good – he just seemed to inhabit Arthur Fleck. I hope to see the film as soon as possible and this review makes me more eager. Thanks and again sorry for being late!


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