EF Presents: A Leap of Faith (Feat. Róróró by OMAM)

Feat. The music of Of Monsters and Men (in a very special music video!)

“Do you want it? Do you want it to be true?”

Today I am really doing it – driving cross-country to Denver Colorado, for film school! I gaze westward, my knuckles bruising the polyurethane steering wheel of my midnight-blue Saturn Ion. I’m gliding atop a brand new set of tires and I feel alive!

These music videos are a reflection of my life and relationships. I’m going to film school not just to become a film editor, but to also learn to tell these personal stories more clearly and effectively. I want these videos to be relatable, and I hope they inspire your journey in a meaningful way, as all good films do. That is my hope.

Mom, I promise to return the abundance of love and energy you have given me. But first I must do this. You are the best. I love you. Juli, I am so proud of you for taking the plunge, going back to teach and inspire so many bright young minds (jellies). Becky, you inspire me beyond words. I am so glad you are making this leap with me! Dad, couldn’t pull this off without you. Thanks for supporting me in my new career and challenging me / guiding me. It was great to spend more time with you this summer. To my friend, Scott, and my other friends (the ones hurling spears at me rn probably, sorry if I’ve been a little distant lately. I guess this was necessary to work up the nerve to do this crazy thing. I don’t expect to find better friends, anywhere. Only a better version of myself.

Time to stick the landing!

Thanks for watching, listening

– E.F.

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