Greatest Performance Ever?

Gaga’s 2017 Super Bowl performance sent shockwaves far out into the universe. Somewhere deep in the Milky Way Galaxy the ripples found their mark and turned around. I am just now feeling their aftershock.

A bittersweet truth I have learned as an adult is that great performances don’t just happen. They are not improvised. They are staged. Choreographed. Rehearsed meticulously.

Even the crowd was part of Gaga’s act. And what effect they had! Waving their glow sticks to the beat of the music in perfect unison.

Gaga’s “Bad Romance” has had a strong influence on my latest project, which I will unveil quite soon.

What’s your all time greatest music performance? Or performance in general?


7 thoughts on “Greatest Performance Ever?

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  1. Hi EF, slight problem with your Lady Gaga video being blocked due to NFL content only viewable on YouTube. But in regards to performances I have to go with Freddie Mercury and Queen during their Live Aid performance (and the Magic Tour). Now the stage show didn’t have pyrotechnics, or set decorations…it was just the four band mates and their instruments but they stole the show and included everyone in the stadium (and viewing at home on TV) to feel part of the concert as if it was meant just for them. There was a connection with the crowd, many of which weren’t Queen fans but they got involved and the Radio Gaga segment where every….single….person….clapped and waved as a sea of humanity sends shivers down my spine even now. This however was as you mentioned planned to minute details. They arranged their hits into medleys to have the biggest impact and rehearsed and practised those arrangements within an inch of their lives. On the big day they were confident they could perform and they did what they did best. (Sorry for the long comment!)

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    1. Such a great comment, Tyeth. I’ve been watching Queen’s Live Aid performance. Wow, what energy in that stadium. Radio Gaga, Oh what a feeling! And it just feels fresh and authentic. Spontaneous. I think now my statement about great performances is incomplete. It’s like it takes the rehearsal, yes, but only if it triggers a spontaneous, fresh reaction from the crowd that is not planned.

      Thanks so much for the comment!

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  2. I went to a concert several years ago by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (former Led Zeppelin members) And it was the best concert ever. Playing songs old and new and even throwing in a song by the Doors it was really amazing.
    This year I attended animecon which had a performance by little known Japanese band Necronomidol and it was terrific. The crowd went absolutely nuts 😊😊

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      1. Haha…yeah it is a really strange name. What was even weirder was that I had discovered them about a month before going to animecon and did not even know they were going to be there, so it was a pleasant surprise. If you want to check them out, I suggest listening to the track Skulls in the stars. That is such a great song: you can find it on Spotify😊

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  3. I think you’re right about really great stuff – it may look effortless, but that takes a lot of hard work, and that’s what really distinguishes the pros.

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