Calling Team Happy

It’s time to Swing into Spring! Joy/Excitement is the theme for the next EFC music video, and I’m taking suggestions! 

Set to the music of The Pointer Sisters’ 1982 dance/pop number, “I’m So Excited,” This one is going to be an oscar-style montage/medley featuring scenes from approx. 150 different movies! Many of which are still TBD. So, movie fans and friends, I’m calling on YOU to help me fill-out the roster for Team Happy.JohnBelucci

Who are your favorite excitable movie characters? The goof-balls, class clowns, social butterflies? The ones who light up, party on, push the limits and achieve the impossible? Jump for Joy!

Which movies or iconic scenes invariably make you wanna laugh, sing, dance? Or motivate you to work harder, train harder to achieve your dream? To please that special someone?


Joy can occur in any movie genre, particularly musicals, comedies, romantic comedies, romance, children’s/animated, adventure, action and sports movies. Am I forgetting any? The movies can be from any decade / time period! Comment below and I’ll include them in the video. Bonus points for minority inclusion. Readyyyy, Go! ~E.F.

Expected Release: May, 2018


Joy – Sense of inspiration, excitement, hope, humor, and celebration. Positivity, encouragement, confidence, fondness. Raw creativity.

  • Joyous movies: ???
  • Joyous movie characters: ???


Joy Sitting Inspired.

Thank you Joe and Juli for helping me start this project on the right foot with your great suggestions.

13 thoughts on “Calling Team Happy

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  1. Sounds like a cool project! 90s movies are my fave happy movies – Adam sandler’s early films like the wedding singer, big daddy, little Nicky, anger management are all great (not as keen on his later stuff though). Also ace Ventura is brilliant – love the slinky scene and the monopoly guy scenes they make me rofl aha. Also the 2 original home alone movies are epic

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    1. Ace Ventura for sure! Lol at the Monopoly guy scene 😂Home Alone: CLassic! As for Adam Sandler, I coukd use some more sports movies so I’m thinking Happy Gilmore? Arms to the sky after he sinks that putt?


  2. Interesting. I am so into depressing movies generally, that I always remind myself to watch more comedies and laid-back films. In some movies, Robin Williams, his persona and his smile just signal “happy” to me. Therefore, every time he was sad or melancholic on screen, it seemed somehow even more traumatic and saddening.


    1. Maybe that’s the comedian’s curse? People are so used to them being happy all the time that when they’re sad it feels like the world is ending. So they feel added pressure to “put on a happy face” all the time.

      What’s your favorite Robin Williams movie? Happy and Sad/Dramatic?


      1. I haven’t seen awakenings, actually. Hook is pure magic. To me it gets better with age. It will be in the music video, along with Mrs. Doubt fire, which I actually just watched a couple days ago. Oh man did I laugh at that one. They just don’t make em like that anymore!


  3. Hi EF, one goof ball springs to mind from the Star Wars universe and from that you can probably guess I am going to name Jar-Jar Binks! His conversation with Qui-Gon when they first meet, to the meal in young Anakin Skywalker’s home (the “Don’t do that again!” scene with the tongue.) All the way through the film to his demonstration of podrace mechanical skills and electrocuting himself! Not sure with copyright etc you can use him but I thought I’d suggest it!
    I’m “excited” to see the results of this project.

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    1. A very good suggestion! Unfortunately, I’m having difficulty finding a good spot for him. But you’ll be pleased to know that the Star Wars Universe IS represented in the video. And I think you’ll approve of the scene once you see it.


  4. Hello again, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Jar-Jar is a difficult individual to cope with! (To be honest I wasn’t sure it would be possible with Copyright issues, but if Team Happy is viewed as a derivative work or parody I think you would be safe!)


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