Electric Youth

Tonight I’m chilling out to Electric Youth, a Canadian Synth pop duo from Toronto, Ontario. Their song, “A Real Hero,” was featured in the movie, Drive (2011). Below, the band performs the song live.

And I love this music video for “Innocence”:


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  1. Hi Experience Film, as a keyboard player of the electronic era of music I like this group’s sound. I hear the influence of Hans Zimmer, Yanni and Vangelis, plus the sound and visuals combine to give off a Blade Runner-esque vibe to it. The famous Rubber Band bass sound (the bouncing arpeggio bassline) and the sweeping pads and strings remind me of the title sequence music. You may also like to look up a musician called Kebu on YouTube who is a bit of a whizz with sounds like this too.

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    1. That’s way cool that you play the keys. I caught a Blade Runner vibe too, especially from the lighting, and that dive bomb note at the beginning.

      Kebu is indeed a whiz. Just listened. A live version of Crocket’s theme brought a smile to my face. Good stuff.


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      1. Hi Experience Film, I am glad you liked the recommendation. I recently came across Kebu’s videos while researching the TV show Street Hawk as he does a great rendition of the Tangerine Dream written theme tune. I am even happier to see Electric Youth may have been influenced by BR, the great electronic composers and the fandom has passed to a younger generation!

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