EF Classics: The Last Samurai (Part 2/2)

Part 2: Take 2 🎬 Action!

Welcome back to… The Last Samurai (Bows)

Now for the music! Going to share a live medley performance, as well as my favorite track from this album, Red Warrior.

The video is shot on a phone, but is still 100% eviscerating. Below it are the corresponding album tracks, and time-codes (approximated).

00:00 – 04:20: (01) A Way of Life
04:21 – 06:20: (09) Red Warrior
06:25 – 09:40: (10) The Way of The Sword
09:40 – End: (11) A Small Measure of Peace

In (9) Red Warrior, listen for the momentum to start gathering at 2:00, kamaya-maya’ing into a time-stopping flight. Fate hanging in the balance. Enemy at the doorstep. A payphone ringing. The sheer sense of urgency… And then the super stars show up to save the fucking day.

If you are masochist like me, after Red Warrior, look up and listen to the next track, (10) The Way of The Sword. It’s a gut-stabber. Like, brace yourself for real.

In the live video, the band closes with the final 2-3 minute of the final track, (11) A Small Measure of Peace, featuring a needle-threading cello solo from Tina Guo.

We are years away from having a proper montage for this one. I’m envisioning another 3-part epic feature to do it justice. The forthcoming montage (out later this summer) will include a few scenes from The Last Samurai, but that’s all. It will be far more light-hearted. And let’s save the A.I. talk. Maybe an addendum with potty-mouthed, Juju.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I’d like to see the movie, but the music is not up my alley. Every tune sounds about the same to me, and like a typical movie soundtrack. Sorry, I tried, but I can’t get into this.


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