It’s Morphin’ Time⚡️

Yup I was a 90’s kid. And Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was my movie/show😄

Heroes, even without masks.

The original cast had so much heart. They were having the time of their lives. Can’t you just see it in their faces? Just from filming a silly “kids” show. (Edit 2/07/22: My friend, FT informs me working conditions were less Rosy than I imagined). All the more applause for the cast. They did their own stunts, real gymnastics and martial arts! They could sing and dance, and act. And they had genuine comraderie.

Our world could use more Power Rangers.

Have you seen or heard of Power Rangers? What was your favorite show or movie growing up?


Still the most awesome scene EVER

Morphin’ Time (Link only): – Visit FT Sabersiite If you’d like to learn more about Power Rangers. FT dropped some awesome knowledge about the series in the comments here already.

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  1. Hi EF, I was a kid of the late 70’s/early 80’s but I know a bit about Power Rangers. And not only did the original cast have character and did their own stunts…they suffered for it too. Thuy Trang (the OG Yellow Ranger) had to perform many episodes with a “blown out” knee injury and many other Rangers nearly died in stunts and picked up injuries. But….onto more positive subjects, did you know the Rangers had lightsabers? Well, they sort of did after I designed a whole collection of light based laser swords for them. The designs are old and I used an online lightsaber building app back then (c2017) but here is a link if you’d like to check them out….It’s Morphin Time…..

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      1. Hi again, to paraphrase a Star Wars quote, “They are older posts but they check out”! These designs took quite a bit of work as I had to manually edit each picture pixel by pixel (and some of these images have 3 or 4 layers of colour) so it was intensive but I really enjoyed doing them. Maybe now I ought to do a revisit and build saber for the Rangers using Blender 3D….
        Thanks for the kind comment.

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  2. I’m also a kid from late 70s and 80s. I used to spend summers in Piran, a small Adriatic town close to Italian border, which means we could catch the TV stations from Italy. Most, especially Telepadova, were showing lots of anime (all dubbed in Italian, which I don’t understand) and there were also some live action Japanese series. One was about a normal guy who transformed into a superhero when he crossed two metal sticks. I’m not sure if he had long silver hair or I could be mixing my memories of Twisted Sisters. Anyway if anyone has any clue, I’d love to find out what that show was (I’d say from 70s) and see some clips from it. The feel of the show was very similar to the Power Rangers that came later.

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      1. Italians, like Spanish and Germans, dub (replace the voices) everything. So no subtitles. I could not read at that point anyway. And I learned only a few words. I think that speaks in favor of anime, because their characters are so expressive (the big eyes and actions plus music), you don’t need to understand what they are saying to get swept by what’s happening on the screen. There were anime that made me cry a lot and I did not understand a word of it! An example

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