It’s just a ‘flow’ problem

“That’s a pretty big freakin problem, fix it now!”

This one’s for my fellow video editors

Part 1 has been 99% complete for a couple days now. Still Working out the final ‘bugs’ and glitches today. One of the biggest issues is with the slow-motion clips, and “time interpolation.”

NLE’s (Editing software) have several methods of producing slow motion video clips. 2 are “Frame Sampling” which copies pre-existing frames within the clip – making for a, yes, slower clip, albeit a little rough around the edges. It does the job…And then there is “Flow,” the gorgeous but elusive gal of your dreams. “Flow,” as in “Optic Flow” – a genius artificial intelligence that combines the images between frames so you get buttery smooth slow motion, even when you didn’t shoot in a high frame rate, i.e., 60,120,240 FPS. Only problem is she’s extremely volatile. Prone to hella glitching upon render, ruining your entire life shot.

You see the dilemma? You want Flow, and you’ll re-edit and render as many times as it takes to appease her, sacrificing a ton of time and resources in the process. But if you get her it makes it all worth it. I said, If.

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      1. Haven’t thought of being a person’s name! Not being native speaker I’m not always sure of the gender of some words. Then again natural disasters like hurricanes have usually female names. I know more women than men with a short temper and unpredictable personality. 😅

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      2. Your English is good! Yes, Flow is a girl’s name in English. It’s much less common than say, “Mary” or “Christine.” So I tried a difficult metaphor with Flow (The name) = Flow (the technology)😄 Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend!🙂

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