Last Night in Soho (Review)

*Contains Minor Spoilers*

High hopes are often met with huge let downs. So it should come as no surprise that my most anticipated film of 2021 left me feeling hollow.

Now it should be said that I have talked to people who loved this film. In fact, I met someone at a halloween party the night after I saw this who feels it is one of Edgar Wright’s best.

For me, this was one of the few cinematic experiences in my life where I was entirely divested by the end – could not wait to leave the theater. Not because I was lost or offended or triggered, but bc I was just bored. And this surprised me because you take one look at a promo poster for this movie and it just screams like everything this blog is about. The colors, the shadows… Am I just being a critical parent? I digress.

The acting is very good. Thomasin McKenzie is convincing as the lead, Eloise, a modern-day fashion intern haunted by apparitions of a 60’s singer (Anya Taylor-Joy). And yes, she can sing! ^^^ But the supporting cast is underdeveloped to the point that they all seem dead. Was this a stylistic choice? It makes the film seem very cold and empty.

The colors and visual effects are gorgeous. But the narrative is clunky, and the pacing? How many times can the suspense build, only to be ‘cut-to’ wake up it was all just a bad dream๐Ÿ˜  Woke up from the dream I did. And then it was just time to get on with the rest of my night.


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    1. Right? My sympathy for your father, RR, and the other hardships I’m sure you have faced during these awful 2 years. I took my grandparents out to dinner last night – was the first time they had been out to a public restaurant like that in the span of time you mention. They are 95 years old. They just celebrated their ***70th*** wedding anniversary. My grandpa enlisted in the airforce out of high school and just missed having to fly combat in WW2. I’m watching Saving Private Ryan today before football, and feeling grateful for them.


  1. This one wasn’t quite on my list of most highly anticipated but I did hope it’d turn out great. Following your review, should I find myself coming close to watching it, I’ll be sure to remember to proceed with cauton. Especially since bad pacing is a massive peeve of mine.

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