EFC 1 Year Anniversary: Mad Max Fury Road (New Music Video!)

Hey everyone!

This month (Feb. 12 to be exact) marks the 1-Year anniversary of Experience Film!

To celebrate I’ve renovated my very first post with an all new music video. Continue reading “EFC 1 Year Anniversary: Mad Max Fury Road (New Music Video!)”

EFC 02 – Frozen Inside Out (Part 1)

Feat. The Performance by Idina Menzel of “Let It Go” 

Inside Out is the 2016 Oscar winner for best-animated feature film, and it is the second addition to The Experience Films Collection! This film is everything an EFC film should be: smart, inspiring, emotionally compelling and psychologically adventurous. In essence, the kind of film this blog was founded upon. It will share its EFC spot with its Disney relative, Frozen. Follow along with the bouncing ball, as I use the emotions from the former film to personify the minds of Elsa and Anna in the latter. Continue reading “EFC 02 – Frozen Inside Out (Part 1)”

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