Up North Maybe

Don’t rush to pack your suitcase, it’s not exactly the romantic vacation spot. But Hamilton Ohio is, quaint. A small river town close to Miami University, revered for its drinking water? Idk🤷🏽 I needed a getaway.

Now, this movie guy likes to scout locations by running them. So that’s what he does, admiring the evergreen lawns and white picket fences while listening to Mitski and other monstrosities through his earbuds, wondering if this is how Carpenter or Lynch felt when they inked the first pages of their masterpieces.

I have no plans to write another horror story. And certainly no plans to write a masterpiece. But as I observe the playgrounds, yards strewn with Iron Man action figures, skateboards and squirt guns, as a cool breeze kisses my cheek with the slightest hint of lake-effect moisture, I get a feeling that some idea is condensing in the ether.



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    1. Famous last words😅.. No, Ohio gets a bad rap for being all flat boring farm land, and most of it is, but there is plenty of interesting geography *sprinkled* throughout. And small towns with character like this one. Cincinnati (where I reside) is very hilly, as is much of the southern, and east central areas. Hocking Hills is one of the most beautiful state parks I have ever visited. That’s near Columbus, the capital. The South border is all Ohio River, North border is mostly Lake Eerie (I adore lakes). There are neat party islands up there, and the famous, Cedar Point amusement park 40 min from Cleveland. Rock n Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland. And yeah, there is your very random, unsolicited run-down of the entire State of Ohio😂 “You are now up to speed.” -The Pink Panther

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      1. LOL! well thank you for that. I have to see Hocking Hills then. Some day before I get too old (haha) I want to do a state parks road trip so that will now be on the list. Maybe lol. 😂🥸

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  1. What an idyllic-looking neighborhood, making me think of Leave it to Beaver.
    What makes you say you won’t be writing another horror story? It wasn’t a fulfilling experience… or just moving off to new pastures? 🙂

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    1. Yes it felt like Leave it to Beaver. Peaceful, easy, simple. I wanted to stay longer!
      Horror is Very fulfilling, very cathartic for me. It’s just that I have leaned on the genre heavily in recent years. Darker emotions in general. My last couple montages have all been. So at this juncture I kinda wanna mix it up with a comedy or something lighter.
      Do you like to write horror? Or the genre in general?

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  2. Ah, gotcha. That makes complete sense to me, because I’ve been enmeshed in comedy, specifically a paranormal comedy series that I’m writing, book I of which has been out for several years already, and I was thinking, “I’ve got to write something serious before I die.” I don’t know why. But I just feel this and know I need to do it, lol. So I’m with you!

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