Hope is The Thing With Feathers

“It asked a crumb of me.”

– Emily Dickinson

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    1. Glad you found them interesting. Yes! Satoshi Kon. Actually I remember you telling me about Perfect Blue😀 And I’m glad you did. Haven’t watched it yet, but have read about it. Darren Aronosky (Black Swan director) purchased the rights, but has been not entirely forthcoming about its (obvious) influence on him. The Subway doppleganger scenes, the protagonist’s alliterative name, “Nina” vs. “Mima” etc.

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      1. No problem. I forgot if I mentioned it to you or not, but I would recommend watching Perfect Blue at some point. He bought the rights to recreate the “girl screaming in a bathtub” scene for Requiem for a Dream, but I do wish he would’ve owned up for Black Swan though. Good points about the other similarities. Besids me liking anime, I have gotten into BritWres a couple of years ago, there’s been someone named Cara Noir who has a Black Swan-themed gimmick and even has an excerpt from Swan Lake as his entrance music.


      2. Just looked up Cara Noir. Fascinating! This is good stuff I need to know. My world is black and white right now, as I finish up this movie (about black swan vs. White Swan, thematically) and I relish seeing this theme spilling over into popular zeitgeist, i.e, in areas like wrestling.

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      3. Yeah, he has a unique gimmick going on. I even reviewed two movies involving him as both an actor and director/choreographer. It’s crazy how he has a background in Taekwando, capoeira, karate, gymnastics, and even dance. BritWres is more interesting than a lot of the mainstream stuff in my opinion. Back to Black Swan/Perfect Blue, I do wish Satoshi Kon would get more credit for his work.


  1. The notion of birds-being-humans has a long history in the human race, and not just in Christian areas either. I think we’ve always admired the ability to fly. It’s pretty hard to diss that. And the speed of it, the impossible grace of the matter …. revelatory.

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  2. Oh great, now I have that song in my head … When I was doing my student teaching, we came to a poetry unit, and my mentor pointed out to me that every Emily Dickenson poem can be sung to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” So, the next day I brought my guitar to school, and we sang our way through her poems, including this one.
    (Probably not the most profound comment you’ll get today, but as I may have mentioned, reading me is like listening to me, and at my age virtually everything brings back a memory. 😉 )

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