The Rock (1996) Tonight on AMC

“You’re on a need-to-know basis…”

…And you (do) need to know, that this adrenaline pumper, and the best Bond-movie-that-isn’t-technically-a-Bond-movieBUT-is, is on AMC tonight at 8pm EST (11/10/21) celebrating its 25th anniversary in primetime fashion.

Normally I don’t get cable, but this week I am house-sitting for my parents while they are in San Francisco🌉☠️🚀 The setting of this movie! So believe me when I say I’m really hoping Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery can save them from the rogue general Hummel (Ed Harris) who has converted Alcatraz into a missile silo! And is holding the city hostage until the U.S. government $ettles up with the families of Hummel’s deceased soldiers.

I will be paying tribute to this movie in a big way, as it is one of the 5 movies featured in the Dark Night montage currently in production here. Release Date for that could be announced soon!😵 Stay tuned🤞

Also, Earlier this year in film school I voice acted as Sean Connery (The Lunashy sheen). And I’m here to tell you, I stand by my performance Thank’aya😎 (MA Content Advisory – Language)

I recently purchased this movie on blu-ray, to use for the montage. But I find watching movies whenever they’re on TV to be more fun. Yes, I love the commercials. They’re so retro.


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