Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

I woke up this morning and for the 1st time, the FIRST TIME in the 18 months since conceptualizing this story… Back during the first quarantine. In a city I no longer reside in. Before I had a niece. Before the health of more loved ones failed. Before my Love went away…

I woke up this morning and for the first time envisioned a happy ending. And I’m talking about a white swan kind of happy ending, not a ‘survived-but-will-need-years-of-therapy’ kind of happy ending.

I’m not saying it’s for certain, or if it’s even the kind of ending this story needs to have. But I know now, at least, that a happy ending is possible. And for your Saturday you can smoke on that!🕊✌️

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  1. Happy endings, no matter how serene they appear, need hard work to achieve (that white swan looks to be gliding but peer beneath the water’s glassy surface and you’ll find two webbed feet flapping madly to propel the bird). If you realize that some effort is needed then you are a long way to achieving the result you want and will enjoy it all the more.

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      1. Hard work is required, and hard work I can do!😼I have run 2 (half) marathons. I have the utmost respect for the (full) runners. This editing project feels like a full marathon in terms of difficulty. It’s 2 parts, and each half by itself is more editing than any other project I’ve done before!

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  2. I’m happy about this positive change. A change that randomly reminds me of one of the best podcast episodes I’ve listened to in a while. The podcast is The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) on Spotify, and the guest is American singer, Jewel. I was blown away by her truly incredible life story this week.

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