Dazzling Blogger!

The Dazzling Blogger Award, designed by Helen at  Crispy Confessions, recognizes bloggers who  excel in at least one major area of blogging: writing skills, engagement, social media marketing, or content. 

Well, thank you very much, ThemisAthena for the nomination!🦁🙋🏽

Themis is a connoisseur of literature, especially mystery!📚🖊📜She has read and reviewed hundreds of novels, as well as non-fiction (biographies / memoirs, etc). Books are merely Themis’s specialty. She also writes about movies, music, traveling, and nature as well. Her site is titled, “Lioness at Large,” no doubt owing to her penchant for all things wild! Visit Themis’s blog to find out what books you should be reading this Halloween. Or for any season! But I particularly love following her BookLikes Halloween Bingo board throughout the fall. Haven’t yet worked up the stamina to play along myself😊

My Answers to Themis’s questions

1) Who is your hero / heroine in fiction (and why)?

Jack Dawson (Leo from Titanic) has come to mind a lot lately, as I just rewatched that great movie. Jack is a talented artist bc he “sees people.” He is a dreamer who also pays attention, and lives entirely in the moment when he’s around people. Beyond that, he is unbelievably selfless. He puts Rose’s needs ahead of his own, always. He’s so unreal. And he’s the one to try and emulate if you wish to earn the heart of a Rose.

2) What fault do you find easiest to tolerate in others?

Maybe Vanity? Perhaps. Like, self-absorption. Bc it’s so common and natural. Ego-centricity is practically our birthright. We come into the world, crying out for attention, and knowing well what the world seems like to ‘us.’ But having no idea what it seems like to other people. And that last part is hard to learn! Especially when, as a culture, we idolize young celebrities who only know how to project their own ego-centric vision onto the world. And we see these people being rewarded for their vision socially, monetarily. We want to be like them. It’s hard. I mean, I get it. As a filmmaker, I want people to see ‘my’ vision too. We’ve all got our own little hustle going, don’t we?

3) What is your favorite mode of transport / travel?

Trains! I adore them as a mode of transport. They are so fun and easy (in principle haha). You hop on, this thing takes you wherever while you read the paper or whatever. You hop off. Done! I want to live in a city with fantastic trains one day.

4) Which meal is the most important one in a typical day for you?

Breakfast🍳 Ever since I read that consuming protein in the morning will give you brain power throughout the entire day, I never skip breakfast. Do I still crash before noon? You betchya!😊

5) From a burning building, you have the option to rescue either a [cat / dog / supply your own favorite animal] or a priceless work of art, but not both. Which of the two do you rescue (and why)?

I heard a clever answer to this predicament on either Sam Harris or Peter Singer’s podcast. Logically, If you save the painting, you can sell it and rescue 100 or 1,000 adorable little critters later. But I follow my instincts and save the one (cat) here. I’d sleep better🤷🏽

6) What job / skill set from a past era or from a culture other than your own would you like to learn?

Farming or Fishing (any era prior to commercial farming) As much as I value intellect, It’d be nice to live a life of less abstraction, that bonded me with the earth more. Or better yet, the sea and sky! I have mediterranean ancestors on my father’s side. And I imagine some of them were farmers and fisherman. My dad owns a vineyard, and I have helped him at every stage of the operation. Planting, pruning, harvesting, bottling, etc. I do enjoy it, and that it gets me away from my laptop! Although, long-term, I think I’d prefer fishing, or hunting, as I value the novelty of terrain, and a chance to explore.

7) Complete the sentence: “Total bliss is …”

This moment. With clarity of consciousness… Yeah, I went philosophical on this one. The thing is, I am so happy when I can think, feel, and perceive clearly. And it’s rare. This is why I have developed a particular interest in dieting, mental and physical exercises, meditation, and psychedelics, among other activities, because these things work to facilitate a clarity of mind, for me at least.

7 new Questions for the bloggers I am nominating

Question 1: How would you describe your relationship with your… Okay I’m Joking!!😁😉 This isn’t psychotherapy. But I do love psychology, and there will be a personality question.

1) What inspired you to start your blog?

2) Who is your hero / heroine in fiction (and why)?

3) How would you describe your personality? List 5 adjectives. Or if you know your MBTI, Big 5, enneagram, astrology signs, etc. use those!

4) Have you ever made a decision that completely changed the course of your life? What was it?

5) What items are closest to you in the room right now?

6) Name something you are good at. And something you wish you were good at, but definitely aren’t😄

7) Who inspires you, in your life?

EF’s Nominees

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Hope you you get the chance to answer your interview questions. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thanks for reading!


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