Dancing In The Dark 2021

Where else is there to right now..?

Bruce Springsteen recorded this smash hit on Valentine’s Day, 1984. I’m a few days late with this, Version: 20.21 music video. Btw that’s not the year; it’s my number of drafts. Sometimes clarity only comes from butting your head against the wall enough times. My rough edit included scenes from a dozen movies. I thought I needed far more. But in the end I winnowed it down to only 1, basically – A Star is Born. Paired with Joker (B-roll mostly) as well as an opening shot of Miley Cyrus, a snippet from Flashdance, and a sultry strip tease scene from Kim Basinger’s and Mickey Rourke’s “9 1/2 Weeks” that I couldn’t resist. It just seemed to work on so many levels

The vid’s runtime is 2:45. I shortened the 3:59 runtime of the song per the requirements of my school assignment. Leave a comment if you decide to watch. And I’ll check on you soon! Hope you enjoy.


Content Advisory: Tobacco and Alcohol use.

Runtime: 2:45

The Movies: (By order of appearance)

  • – Miley Cyrus performs “Midnight Sky” for 2020 VMA awards
  • – 9 1/2 Weeks
  • – Flashdance
  • – Joker
  • – A Star is Born

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  1. Experience-
    Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal said it best, something like “Hey China, you have hacked all the software, stolen all the inventions, and read international law how you want it to be, not how it is, but you will never have Lady Gaga.

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    1. That is Gold🌟, RR! SHE is The American dream now, in a sense.

      My girlfriend and I moved back to our hometown of Cincinnati 2 months ago. I’ve been going for walks around our new neighborhood of Northside – a historically urban, gritty, blue-collar town that just screams “Springsteen”, has evolved into more of an art district. Good mix of young professionals, families, starving artists, still fairly diverse (about 30% black). Big old factory buildings now converted into apartments… Anyway, was walking the other day and realized I only saw 2 American flags over porches my entire walk! Not many people singing, “Proud to be an American” right now. I think right now we are in great need of leadership, culture, tradition, and, among other things, Hope!


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