Special Features Presents: Stranger Things season 2 trailer.

Like Raistlin0903, I could not be more excited for this!



Last year, Netflix released a television series that was so incredibly briljant, that I finished it twice in one weekend. Yes, I am not kidding. The series was an homage to everything 80’s and managed to create an atmosphere that I had not felt since movies like E.T. or Stand by me. That series was called Stranger Things and it was everything that an 80’s junkie like me could have dreamed of. Stranger Things was simply perfect, and it had only one negative point to it as far as I was concerned: it only had 8 episodes. Being such a huge succes, it would have been erm strange, if a second season would not have been announced. Ofcourse it was, and since then I have been eagerly awaiting news or the first images of the second series. Besides a very short 15 second  teaser, it all was deceptively quiet. Until…

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    1. It’s hard not to! I’m re-watching it for the 5th time – my sister and I watched the first 2 eps last night. We’re gonna try and space out the rest over the next few weeks leading up to the premier. I imagine we’ll end up finishing it much sooner 😊

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