EFC 1 Year Anniversary: Mad Max Fury Road (New Music Video!)

Hey everyone!

This month (Feb. 12 to be exact) marks the 1-Year anniversary of Experience Film!

To celebrate I’ve renovated my very first post with an all new music video. Continue reading “EFC 1 Year Anniversary: Mad Max Fury Road (New Music Video!)”

EFC 01 – Mad Max: Fury Road

Feat. The Music of Junkie XL & Avenged Sevenfold (in a special EFC music video!)

“If you can’t fix what’s broken you’ll go insane.”

“I am the one who runs from both the livingĀ andĀ the dead. Hunted by scavengers… Haunted by those I could not protect. So I exist in this wasteland… A man, reduced to a single instinct: Survive”

Max has lost everything and everyone he cares about, save for his blood and his car. We find him wandering alone in a radiation-scorched post-apocalyptic desert. Soon he is captured by a mine-dwelling cult of psychopathic skinheads who siphon his “crazy blood” and commandeer his vehicle – the only two things he has left, seemingly.

Continue reading “EFC 01 – Mad Max: Fury Road”

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