EF Classics: The Last Samurai (Part 🙃/2)

Welcome back to Kung Fu Panda The Last Samurai (Bows graciously)

Part One was really just a setup for this soul-scorcher from Hanz Zimmer. Read a funny youtube comment the other day; someone asked in earnest, “does Zimmer write music for Nolan’s movies? Or does Nolan write movies for Zimmer’s music… (Freeze frame + Black&White. Cue Cher, “If I could turn back time.” Slow push in on influencer’s eyes slipping into deep space…) <– The vine😂

Goodnight, everybody!!👋🏼🎶🪐⭐️

Wait, come back! The score!.. Now I’ve totally killed the mood, haven’t I😑 This must be why they’re called off days. Let’s try this again after I’ve made coffee. (🤔Kung Fu, Samurai. Samurai, Kung Fu🤷🏽)



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