Seeing Red (红色)

“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

A 2nd epoch has begun here at Experience Film. A Dark Night marked the end of the 1st. The culmination of 7 years progress. And, like an Everything Bagel it collapsed in on itself, opening up a portal to tomorrow.

My head is presently somewhere in The South China sea. “Thunk!” “Thunk!” Oh good, bags made it. OwwwwwW😞…

A new montage is on the horizon! Stay tuned.

∫ E.ƒ. 🌅👊🐯 ∫


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  1. Looking forward to what comes next for you. On a personal note, I do plan on launching an official YouTube channel hopefully this year. I looked at my older Top 10 videos and re-read some of your comments. Thanks for the encouragement!

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