How does the masked crusader reveal himself to the love of his life?

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    1. Historically, Absolutely. He had probably dozens of affairs in the comics (I researched this recently, actually). Total player. But I think Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy with Christian Bale is nearly an exception though. I say this because it is made pretty clear that Rachel Dawes is his one and true romance, at least in the first two installments. But Rachel does not want to be with him, she chooses Harvey Dent (The Good Guy) instead. Still he pines for her. but carries on his bachelor persona in place, escorts the entire Russian Ballet on his private Yacht, in The Dark Knight….Rachel dies in The Dark Knight and then all bets are off officially.


      1. You say he is a total player. I read some of the Batman comics as a kid but I must have been too young to grasp the nuances of human sexuality then. That is what I like about comics — not only do they have violence and action, but they can plumb the depths of what it means to be human. Their truths can be as universal as the old Homeric plays sung in Ancient Greece. I have often wished I could buy a compilation of all the Spider-Mans or all the Batmans and read them in sequence, the way they should be read. Or maybe on a Kindle because the stories tend to branch out into different-seeming universes.

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      2. Right Same! Isn’t it fascinating how our brains (at any age, but childhood especially) so easily skip over the blanks, the I-don’t-knows? I know I’m only processing a fraction of anything I read. But I’m satisfied to get the gist. The show goes on. I def would like to read more of the Batman comics.


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