Barbershop Zen💈

“In Penny Lane, there is a barber showing photographs

Of every head he’s had the pleasure to know

And all the people that come and go

Stop and say hello”

The Movie Soul (2020) reestablished my belief that the barbershop is a mystical place. The paradoxical red and blue spirals swirl as a reminder💈

At some point in my young adulthood I decided I wouldn’t go to my hairdresser sober. And every time since. I’ve never looked back.

It’s just too great an opportunity to pass up. A person who dares alter my appearance and personality so directly is a person worthy of my utmost attention. A person I can learn from. If that means consuming substances ahead of time then so be it.

I never mention it, or act funny. I play it cool. Sometimes I remain quiet, supple. I let myself enjoy the silence and the physical attention. Other times I engage in the best conversations we’ll have all day. Real. But chill. Be cool. Don’t over-excite. Imagine their job. Imagine cutting a stranger’s hair, as they like it, talking to them about life the whole time, at the SAME time. And then imagine doing that 12 times in a row. That’s a day in the life of a hair dresser. Pretty freakin hard if you ask me. So don’t take more than your share. Don’t ask them to do anything different.

When they ask me how it feels at the end I always answer, “great.” Even if it’s not. Out of respect for their service. Out of respect for the mystical experience transpiring.

Be cool. Pay more than they ask. Say thank you, not only for your hair, but for the lessons you take with you. And grab some road lollies before you leave🍭😉


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    1. Good on you! I’m impressed. My girlfriend was cutting my hair. Alas, the universe has called her to go away. 🎵 “The girl that’s driving me mad is going away.” And I do miss her, for much more than her styling prowess! I am definitely back into The Beatles! And will keep listening🙌🏼

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  1. My hair, alas, is too long to do more than trim. I treasure it the way it is. I’ll keep it trimmed occasionally for split ends, but that’s about it. (I learned about split ends the other day from a girl and a guy who were doing drugs in my presence. As I don’t do drugs, I disapproved, but said nothing in their presence. My words weren’t going to change their lifestyle and I was a guest in their pad.)

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    1. I take drugs very sparingly, and in very small amounts. Am getting to a point in my life where I understand how much is good for me vs. how much is harmful (in all the ways drugs can be, of course). But I cannot deny my social anxiety, nor how much drugs ease the social exchanges I’m involved in. For me its a cost-benefit analysis. I deem the social benefits usually outweigh the costs. So I take them. Again, very sparingly. That’s just me🤷🏽

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  2. My best friend is also my hairdresser. We used to both drink wine with my cuts and dyes. A few times it showed in my cut. 🥸 Now we’re both sober tho and my hair is always perfect when I leave. I’ve made some art for her salon, I’ll have to share them on the blog sometime. Take care, peace and love!

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